US and Canadian D+ Bra Blogs!

While a lot of D+ action is happening “across the pond”, D+ bras and clothing are still really hard to find in the US and Canada. Support is a wonderful thing, both from bras and friends. Thus, I am compiling a list of D+ bra blogs written from the US and Canada. Please let me know if you’d like your blog to be added to the list!

US D+ Bra Blogs:


Bras I Hate

Busty on a Budget (AK)

By Baby’s Rules

Confessions of a Curvy Girl

CurvyHK (CA)

Double Delight and Beyond

FussyBusty (OH)

Faustineli (MA)

The Full Figured Chest

Hourglassy (NY)

Miss Underpinnings (MA)

Quest for the Perfect Bra (MA)

A Sophisticated Pair (NC) [store blog]

Sweet Nothings (NY)

Thin and Curvy

Voluptuous, but Beautiful

Canadian D+ Bra Blogs:

Butterfly Collection [store blog]

Cups and Measures

Swimwear and Lingerie

10 thoughts on “US and Canadian D+ Bra Blogs!

  1. Hi Lyla! I just found your blog today, and I love it! I was wondering if you’d be interesting in adding me to your list of US D+ bloggers– I just started writing last month, but I love being a part of the community and spreading the word about good fit to the USA! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Lyla! Thanks for following CurvyHK :) I’m trying to incorporate elements of being of Chinese descent into my blog, but I’m actually based in California. I would love to be in your list of US blogs, if you’re interested!

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