US and Canadian D+ Bra Blogs!

While a lot of D+ action is happening “across the pond”, D+ bras and clothing are still really hard to find in the US and Canada. Support is a wonderful thing, both from bras and friends. Thus, I am compiling a list of D+ bra blogs written from the US and Canada. Please let me know if you’d like your blog to be added to the list!

US D+ Bra Blogs:


Bras I Hate

Busty on a Budget (AK)

By Baby’s Rules

Confessions of a Curvy Girl

CurvyHK (CA)

Double Delight and Beyond

FussyBusty (OH)

Faustineli (MA)

The Full Figured Chest

Hourglassy (NY)

Miss Underpinnings (MA)

Quest for the Perfect Bra (MA)

A Sophisticated Pair (NC) [store blog]

Sweet Nothings (NY)

Thin and Curvy

Voluptuous, but Beautiful

Canadian D+ Bra Blogs:

Butterfly Collection [store blog]

Cups and Measures

Swimwear and Lingerie

10 thoughts on “US and Canadian D+ Bra Blogs!

  1. Hi Lyla! I just found your blog today, and I love it! I was wondering if you’d be interesting in adding me to your list of US D+ bloggers– I just started writing last month, but I love being a part of the community and spreading the word about good fit to the USA! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the mention. Always great to see ladies spread the word on how great it feels to actually wear stuff that fits.

  3. Hi Lyla! Thanks for following CurvyHK :) I’m trying to incorporate elements of being of Chinese descent into my blog, but I’m actually based in California. I would love to be in your list of US blogs, if you’re interested!

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