‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas…

… and Hanukkah was almost over.

Well, to be fair, I don’t really actually celebrate anything, but I do sort of get sucked into the “it’s cold as balls, so let’s get glitzy and eat a lot and give people nice stuff” mood.

Here’s another lust-list, this time with some Holiday glitz:

Naomi collection (yeah, the whole damn thing) from Edge O’ Beyond – $582 for bra, panty, thong, and suspender; $762 if you buy 2 of the gold-plated chains to go with it


(I didn’t include the eye mask in my pricing, since they are really not my thing.) This set is breathtaking. It’s also only available up to a 34E (or 36DD), which is heartbreaking. If I had money to spend on this, I’d totally buy a 34E and try to alter it to make it work. But even if they made a 30H, it’s obviously way out of my price range.

Comexim Sharon – $45 for the set

Sharon is a gorgeous half-cup soft cup bra- I don’t think I’ve seen this style at Comexim before. It looks like this set comes in a pretty limited size range, with a 65H being the largest volume available. Anna is pretty awesome about custom orders, though, so you might be able to get this in a larger cup.

Figleaves Tease Silk and Lace set in burgundy – $177 for bra, suspender belt, and either thong or panties.

Again, not including the eye mask because ugh. Anyway, I’m a sucker for lace, and burgundy is one of my favorite colours. Plus, the textures of this set would be divine. Available up to a G cup, though it looks like many sizes are already sold out.

Panache Clara in gold – retail $94, currently on sale for $59.60

While I respect Panache, I don’t normally think of their bras as *beautiful*. The Clara in this gold/black colourway is definitely unusual for Panache, and seems more like something from Fauve (maybe also Masquerade?). It’s available in 30-38 D-J, making it the only thing on this list so far that might actually fit my boobs. From my experience, Panache bands run tight, so this might work for those who need 28 bands.

Black Clair de Lune Robe by Angela Friedman – $265 (also comes in ivory, $295)

Sexy, simple, and downright gorgeous. I might be tempted to wear this over an evening gown or really fancy cocktail dress.

And I’ve saved the best for last:

Amoralle Magnum Almond Robe – Currently $1,179

I woke up a few months ago with a sudden and unexplained love of luxury robes. I do not have this kind of money. Stop it, brain. (But seriously, if you buy me this robe, I will love you so much.)

So yeah, there’s my list. Not everything on it would fit me, and my bank account is not nearly full enough for my tastes… but I’m certainly allowed to drool on my laptop.

Happy Holidays, if you’re celebrating, and just general happiness if you’re not!


Fantasy wishlist…

In this post, I will tell you about all of the awesome things I want… that don’t currently exist for boobs.

A galaxy print bra/panty AND/OR bikini set with a print as beautiful as this handpainted panty:

244268_21Feb11_DSCF6460 244268_21Feb11_DSCF6457

Preferably Comexim.

A bra that actually manages to push my breasts up and in:


Like What Braologie was thinking, only with much narrower underwires and a fabric front-sling that pulls the cups together.

This shirt:


Maybe also in black/charcoal… or charcoal/black? Urkye, can you do this?

A dress like this (Nannette Lepore Heartstopper in Emerald) could look so great:

nannette1 nannette3

All I want is a full-bust dress that’s full of gorgeous details. I want to feel pretty, damnit.

Winter coats, like these:

il_570xN.497783319_o0t1 il_570xN.239950902

Fergies-Salvatore-Ferragamo-Double-Breasted-Wool-Coat l_men-s-leisure-stylish-double-breasted-wool-coat-m-xxl-b5b1

I want a coat that keeps me warm. As it stands, I either have a coat that doesn’t button past my waist… or that buttons but lets the cold air in up through the bottom due to it being a tent. But a few of these are made-to-measure, so if I have enough cash, I may go for it!

Valentine’s Day Wishlist

I finally found a place to live. Things are still stressful, but I’m excited to be blogging again.

I don’t usually do wishlists like this, but seeing all of my fellow-bloggers’ wishlists inspired me to jump on the bandwagon and share some of the pieces (not just bras!) that I have been lusting after!

What Katie Did Storm corset ($350)storm

I’ve been wanting a corset for ages, and the Storm corset from What Katie Did seems like a solid choice- it’s beautiful, well-made, and relatively simple. I’d love an embroidered or lace-covered corset, too… but if I’m going to have just one, it’d be this one.

Rosamosario Mezza Luna lace-appliquéd silk-chiffon robe ($875, sold out)

mezza luna

It’s sold out… and I’d never be able to afford it, anyway, but wow this is one of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever seen! Teal and gold happen to be one of my favourite colour combinations, and this robe does a spectacular job of combining rich colors and fabrics without looking tacky.

Angela Friedman Clair de Lune robe ($295 for ivory$265 for black)

clair ivoryclair black

Yet another robe(s) I’ve fallen in love with! Less outrageously expensive than the last, but still way out of my budget. The black, sadly, doesn’t come with lace on the sleeves, but I suppose that accounts for the price difference. The ivory one would look stunning with an ivory corset and stockings. And I think I already own enough black lingerie to pair with the black robe…

Gossard Opulence set ($130.20)

opulenceThe bra stops at an E cup, which makes me really, really sad… but I could always get the thong and suspenders, right? Or maybe I could get a 38E and try to take in the band? (Or really replace the band entirely, which would be a crazy project.) Really, though, this is a beautiful set! If you’re lucky enough to fit into their size range, I envy you!

Fauve Lucia set ($200)fauve-lucia-chocolateAlso not available in my size (currently around a 30HH), but the 32G or maybe even a 34G would be worth a shot. I’ve never really thought about brown lingerie as being sexy, since it’s always fallen under the category of “skin tone neutrals”… but, damn, this is lovely! This set would be gorgeous and subtle on dark skin and rather stark on pale skin like mine. 

Fauve Bronte set (~$225)bronte silver

Same brand, same sizing situation… except that  longline bands run tighter, which means that a 34G might actually fit me! The pale blue/silver and creme is a surprisingly beautiful colour combination (and, oddly, doesn’t look too “bridal” to me), and the laces and embroidery are beautifully crafted! Figleaves doesn’t have any 34s left, though, and there don’t seem to be too many other stores that stock this that will ship to the US.

Are you wondering where the Ewa Michalak and Comexim bras are on my list? I just placed orders with both of them, and, since it’s a wish-list, I didn’t want to put ones I’ve already bought right at the top… but I couldn’t exactly leave these off, as they are perfect for a Valentine’s Day list:

Ewa Michalak HM Burek (photo shows SM style)

HM Burek

So gorgeous! It doesn’t scream “Valentine’s Day!”, but it’s a delicate and beautiful lace, which wins it a spot on this list. I actually got this in a 65H SM  from someone via a Bratabase swap, but it cut into my tissue pretty badly, so I’m trying a 65H HM. Fingers crossed!

Ewa Michalak SM Malinka

SM MALINKAIs this too cliche? I don’t usually go for red/pink (this is supposedly a reddish pink color), but the lace was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help but try it! I wanted to order this in the HM style, but they ran out of fabric and could not do the custom order. I got the SM (in a 70HH, the closest size available), just in case it does work on me… 

Comexim Iris


Another lovely lace! Juliette (aka the most beautiful bra ever) was sold out before I managed to place an order, but I didn’t lose Iris! About a year ago, I  bought a used 60L Giselle to gauge my size in this brand and found it snug in the band and too high in the cups (but almost too small). So I  decided to get a 65K with lowered cups and gore… this bra is super pretty, and I really hope my crazy-custom ordering will work out here!

And since this is a wishlist, I should mention that anyone is welcome to help me buy items from this list! On my “about” page, I’ve added a section explaining how to tip/donate, if you’re so inclined. 

What I want in a bra

Over the past few years, I’ve tried countless bras… very few have actually fit me. It’s not a sizing issue as much as a shape/construction issue. Here are some of the things I’d love to see in a bra:

1. Deep cups and narrow underwires. As cup sizes go up, the cup takes up more and more of the band (a 30H has less band than a 30G). While I have breast tissue farther back than VS thinks, my boobs don’t wrap all the way around my torso! If I want a bra that contains my breasts, the wires usually end up almost at my back… and a bunch of the cup is empty and effectively part of the band. This isn’t solved by a larger band and smaller cup, as then the band is just too big (and the cup is still too small). I still want a small band… I just my cups to project outward, like my boobs do!

2. Shorter cups. Similar issue. It seems like designers think that boobs expand in every direction other than out. Sometimes it feels like the only difference between a 30GG and a 30H is how tall the cups are. I have big breasts, but I don’t need a bra that goes up to my collarbones…

3. Cups with immediate projection. I’d like my boobs to actually sit in the bottom of the cup for once. That’d be real nice.

4. Smaller gores and cups/wires angled inward. I don’t want my bra to pull me east-west. I want a bra that holds my breasts up and pushes them together a bit. I want my cleavage, damnit. I’d really love a G+ push-up bra. :)

5. Longline bands, 4+ rows of hooks. Why do I only see longline bands in smaller cups!?!? If most of the support is coming from the band, then longline should be an obvious solution for heavier breasts! I see them all the time in the B, C, and sometimes D cups… and occasionally up to a G-cup with Freya. But why stop there? Let’s see some GG+ longlines, please.

6. A band that extends below the cups. My boobs start high on my chest. Cups that dip lower than the band pull my breasts downward, which is really not what I want from a bra.

7. A band made of one material, with the same tension throughout. I’m so sick of bands that fit, but cut in due to sharp, thin elastic at the edges of a much looser fabric. Give me one thick elastic as the band! Or a stretch satin with no elastic at the edges! Really, that would be amazingly comfortable.

As soon as I find a place to live, I plan to make my dream bra out of an old and almost totally destroyed Ewa Michalak half-cup bra and some gold stretch satin. Wish me luck? (I welcome anyone who has helpful bra-making links to share them with me!)

Great news: Parfait is expanding their size range!

Remember how I fell in love with Parfait? And how I’ve been hoping that they’d expand their size range? Well, the other day, I got an email from RichPR (the PR company that Parfait works through) announcing the size expansion for their A/W 2013 collection! They’ve added GG-K cups and are testing the new sizes in 3 styles: Charlotte Padded Bra (28 band available), Alexis Babydoll, and Sophia Wire Bra. The new sizes will be available starting in August!

I’ve contacted Parfait a few times about expanding their size range… and I know I’m not the only one. It looks like Parfait has heard out pleas! While I would have loved the expansion to start with adding a few more cups sizes in the Deco-rivaling-Casey bra, D-K is quite an impressive jump from D-G and the options sound great. I don’t know if the new Charlotte bras will continue to run extremely tight in the band, but even a slightly tight Parfait 28 would be good news for the 26-band-needing crowd! (I’ll be sure to update on band tightness one I try one.) And a babydoll in a K cup? Awesome. And they are planning to expand the size ranges of other styles in coming seasons!

Charlotte Padded Bra: 28-40 D-K (Peach/Black, Red/Black, Dusty Rose, and Wild Pink (new colourway))

Charlotte Padded Bra & Bikini in Wild Pink_Parfait

Alexis Babydoll: 30-40 D-K (Ivory, Black)

Alexis Babydoll in Black_Parfait

Sophia Wire Bra: 30-40 D-K (Black, Pearl White, European Nude)Sophia Wire Bra & High Waist Brief in European Nude_Parfait

“We have heard and listened to the growing feedback from our dedicated fanbase for expanding sizing, and are so pleased to be able to meet their wishes after extensive research, development and fit testing. As a brand committed to providing full bust women worldwide the best in quality, fit and style, we couldn’t be happier to announce that expanded cup sizes are here!” –Keng Zhang, President, Parfait by Affinitas

Since I’ve been lusting after the Charlotte Padded Bra for ages, but was very sized out, as the old model ran very small in band and cups, I’ll be trying the Charlotte Padded Bra in a 30H (I’m usually a 28HH or 30GG) and my fingers are crossed that it works out. I’ll be sure to update once I’ve tried it! (And my fingers are still crossed that they come out with larger cup sizes in the Casey soon!)

Things I’d like to buy when I have money…

The “when I have money” part is important, since I’m a very, very broke college student, with plans to continue my studies in graduate school. So I might be broke for a while.

And (of course) being a broke college student, I do a lot of online window shopping (tab shopping, perhaps?). And sometimes a thing stays on my “I want this” list for a really long time, which, I think, means that I should eventually buy them. And this has been a crazy final semester, so maybe I can find an excuse to treat myself to clothing that fits? Here are a few things that I’ve wanted to buy for a really long time now:

Urkye blouse:


I’ve been looking for a blouse for ages. Truth be told, I don’t actually have anything events that would require me to wear a blouse, but I think the very fact that I have never been able to fit into a blouse (and had to wear them as part of my middle-high school uniform) makes me want to find one that fits me. The construction looks wonderful and the shape is perfect. Also, the style of the shirt is quite professional. I’d probably go for it in black, but a white blouse could come in handy and the blue is really pretty. I’ve been holding off, though, because I’m worried about sizing and ordering from a different country complicates things.

Comexim bra(s):


Really, there are a bunch that look nice. And I want some Polish bras, because the narrow/deep cup just fits my shape a lot better than the wide/shallow cups that most UK bras have. And all of the options are really beautiful. I’m just tentative, because I’m unsure of my size. I tried a used 60L, which I thought fit like a very snug 28J (though someone else thought was more of a 30H). I think I’d try a 65J? But I’m really not sure.

Ewa Michalak bra(s):


Again, I’ve wanted a lot of these bras for a while, but I’m scared off by the sizing and ordering from another country. It’s a big commitment. I’m also not sure which style I want to buy. I tried a used 32G HP Kobalt and am thinking that a 30GG might be a better fit… but then I’ve also heard that the PL bras run small in the cup, so I have no idea. But I have a 100 zl voucher to spend, so this is definitely on my list of things to try VERY soon.

Clearly, the common theme here is that I’m worried about buying something from Poland when it’s really unclear what size I should wear… which is why I really love reading reviews of items. :) Hopefully, I’ll be able to purchase and review some of these things soon!

Things to come

Given my dearth of bras with cups that encompass my breast tissue, I decided to take a risk and order a few bras. The 30GG Cleo Sasha was the best I could find (a 28HH would be optimal), and it’s working out well (other than the pokey wires), but I do really like moulded-cup bras. Anyway, since I had a credit with zulily, I decided to order a 34G Parfait Fiona, with the intention of altering the band. In an attempt to get a bra that I won’t need to alter, I also purchased a 28HH “Full-filled” moulded cup mystery-bra that popped up on eBay.

Parfait Fiona:

Fullfilled bra:

I’m excited for their arrivals and my fingers are crossed that they will fit! I ordered the Parfait bra on 13th of September, though, and it still hasn’t shipped, which is pretty frustrating. Reviews will follow once they arrive!