The Parfait Delphine is Divine

I haven’t talked about Parfait in a long while. Since my boobs play better with extremely narrow wires, I’ve been mostly wearing Comexim… but I did mention that I sometimes sacrifice the perfect fit for a really awesome bra, and Parfait offers quite a few awesome bras. The Casey is the best D+ moulded-cup bra I’ve ever tried, the Charlotte is gorgeous, and they release sets in absolutely gorgeous colours and exciting prints.

The one thing I am sad about is the size range (okay, and the underwire width). While the bands do run a bit small and some of the cups a bit big, most of their bras are still only available in 30-40 D-G. A lot of us were hoping that their size expansion (28-40 D-K) of the Charlotte, Alexis, and Sophia would be followed with a change in sizing for Parfait in general. Not so… at least not yet.

Despite the Delphine bra not being made in my proper size, when I saw promotional photos floating around the internet, I was so struck by the print that I absolutely had to try it. Here, you’ll see what I mean:

Delphine_HalfPadded Bra4121_Brief4103_Autumn Print 01 Delphine_WireBra4102_Hipster4105_Autumn Print 02Parfait was kind enough to offer a sample for review. Since I do sometimes sister-size to 32+ bands, I have found that a technically smaller cup sometimes works with a looser band. I was torn between a 32G and a 34G, and eventually decided on the 32G. I think I’m glad that I went with the 32G, as it seems to be the best compromise.

Fit: I went into this knowing I wouldn’t have a perfect fit. The band fits like a 30/32, and I’m currently more of a 28/30. The cups do actually run quite a bit large, but due to the silicone strip sewn to the top of the lace, the top section cuts into my upper tissue. Basically, this fits like a 30HH/32H. If they made a 30GG in this bra, it would probably work for me, minus the top of the upper lace section. I am planning to take in the band and remove the silicon strip and mesh underlayer, which should improve the fit. If the cups were narrower, that might also help solve part of the band and cup fit issues.


Comfort: This is yet another extremely comfortable bra from Parfait. The band is soft and nothing bites. Yay!

Looks: Oh goodness. This is a luscious bra. It also happens to be a PERFECT MATCH for Essie’s “Turquoise and Caicos”. The printed elastic straps are a neat detail. The only slightly odd thing is that the lace is significantly pinker in person than it appears in any of the promotional photos. It still goes well with the other material, but it was surprising. The only thing stopping this from being full-on Marie Antoinette is the construction. These fabrics on a bra like the Charlotte would be scrumptious!


delphineessie2Shape: I can never decide whether underwire width counts as shape or fit… these are fairly average wires, which means they are wider than I’d like. Definitely narrower than most UK brands, though. However, it’s important to note that the cups are still quite deep. Anyway, due to the width of the cups and tight upper section, I’m feel like my boobs are a little bit east-west and flattened at the tops. Not extremely, but it’s also not my favourite shape. This is a better shape for those with less upper fullness and medium-rooted breasts.

Overall: The print is really what gets me here. I’m also thrilled about how comfy it it. But if this fabric could be on a 30H Casey or 30HH/J Charlotte… or a bra with deep cups and narrow wires, I’d be over the moon.

Speaking of the Charlotte, here’s another upcoming Parfait bra that I’m VERY excited about: the Charlotte in a stunning pale ice blue, which will be available in sizes 28-40 D-K!

charlotte blue

Comexim Juliette and Green Velvet

This probably isn’t a surprise, but I love Comexim. I still occasionally try bras from other brands, but my boobs are actually happy with Comexim. So of course I’m thrilled to own what I consider to be some of the most gorgeous bras that Comexim has made: Iris, Juliette, and Green Velvet. After a bit of recent weight loss, I’m again closer to a 28 band than a 30/32. My 65K Comexim Iris (which was pretty snug for a while) is now comfortable… and my 65K Green Velvet (which was comfortably snug when I bought it) is now better on the middle or tightest hooks. The bands have relaxed slightly, but bras that were too tight (and left unworn in my drawer) are now comfortable, so it is a real size change. My Comexim size/customizations: 65K with the wires of a 60L (narrower) and reduced gore and cups. I will sometimes try a slightly different size (without the narrower wires and reduced gore and cups) if my “usual” isn’t available (buying secondhand, etc)… and I also take bratabase info into account, so if the band seems to run very snug, I’ll order a 70J and if it runs loose, I’ll consider a 60L. Onto the bras:


I lusted after this bra for ages, but by the time I was confident enough to place an order with Comexim, it was sold out. Luckily, I found someone selling their 70K Juliette.


Fit: Not only could I not get my usual customizations, the bra was a 70K rather than a 65K, which would normally be too big in both cups and band. But thanks to some extraordinarily tight fabric, the band is extremely snug… it’s actually tighter than either of my 65 Comexim bands. The cups are slightly too big, but my cup size fluctuates and I have cookies if needed. Basically, I can put it on and it will hold up my boobs- it’s an okay fit.


Without cookies, here’s the slight gap:

juliettegap juliettegore

Snug band with pretty stiff fabric, but I’ve only worn it twice, so it should relax a bit:

julietteside Size Consistency: Weirdly tight band- fits like a tight 28 rather than a 32. Cups are what I expected.

Comfort: This isn’t the softest fabric, but it gives great support.

Looks: This bra is why I fell in love with Comexim. I’d be happier if it were lower-cut, but c’est la vie. I may try to alter it, but I also don’t mind having a few high-cut bras.

Shape: Not quite as nice as my reduced cup/gore 65Ks, but the difference is minimal. Basically, if this were the right size and height, it’d look spectacular. As-is, it’s still pretty darn great.

Overall: I’m just sad it’s discontinued!

Green Velvet:


Fit: As I mentioned earlier, this band was a bit looser and softer than my 65K Iris. The cups are great, but the band is a little loose on me. As great as this looks on me, I could not manage to get a good photo of the front view. Sorry….

greenfrontOn the tightest hooks:

greenside2 greenside

Size Consistency: The band runs a bit looser than some others. I’d call this a fair 30/32 band.

Comfort: Soft and comfy. The fabrics feel wonderful against my skin, and the elastic seems relatively soft.


Looks: While Juliette is the reason I fell in love with Comexim, Green Velvet stole first place. It is so much nicer in person than any photo can show. The fabric is rich and saturated with colour, while still a dark forest green. The velvet floral patterns catch the light nicely, and the little velvet bows have a slightly olive hue. I was worried that I might regret this purchase, but after seeing it in person, I definitely don’t.

Shape: Thanks to the customizations, this is another true plunge! This has a tiny bit less lift than my Iris, but that may be due to a) the looser band and b) the looser straps. For some reason, I’ve tightened the straps on my Iris, but not on my Green Velvet… I may try to amend both.

Overall:  New favourite. Juliette and Iris, I still love you dearly… but Green Velvet is my favourite now.

Review of the Black Pencil Dress by Made in Preston

I haven’t had a little black dress in a really long time. I love black, but most of the dresses I’ve found that work for me are either not available in black… or boring as hell. I’ve also completely avoided high-cut tailored dresses, as that usually means it will completely smash my chest (if I can manage to get it to zip). So when Made in Preston offered me a chance to review one of their dresses, I was intrigued by the black pencil dress:


Looks: The dress sort of sits between business-attire and clubwear, which can make it challenging to figure out how and where to wear it.

It the dress fell a few inches longer, I could totally see myself wearing this to work or to a concert (as a performer). I don’t care much about what people consider “appropriate”, but I honestly don’t think I’d be able to bend down to pick something up without temporarily turning the dress into a shirt, which is simply a practical concern rather than one of modesty.

But is also a bit conservative for a party dress. The sleeves/straps are more like epaulettes than sleeves… or straps, which is pretty cool, and the dress is short and form-fitting, but I’d love to see it with a few more fun accents. A chunkier silver or brass zipper (rather than the black invisible zipper) would spice things up a bit, and some embroidery on the epaulettes could work well… but then it wouldn’t be a basic little black dress.

Basically, I’d seriously consider wearing this to work with some very opaque tights… but it would also pair well with bare legs and some very tall wedges.

Fit: Made in Preston offers UK sizes 6-16, as well as 3 bust-proportions for each size. “Fit” is the standard off-the-rack size, “Foxy” is a bit more room in the bust, and “Fab” is a fairly generous amount of extra bust space.

I’m currently around a 28HH/J and was a 30H/HH when I ordered the 10 Fab. My waist measurements put me at a 10, and my bust measurements put me at a 12/14 Fab. But I was wearing a 30H/HH when most calculators suggested a 30K, so my measurements can be deceiving… plus, when buying clothes for boobs, sizing up in the waist to accommodate bust is sort of counterproductive. Looking at Two Cakes on a Plate’s review of the 10 Fab made me a bit more confident- she wears a 30GG, and the top part seemed to have a bit room left yet! Since the material had a decent amount of stretch, I went for the 10 Fab. (Spoiler-altert, I wish they made a double-Fab… or triple-Fab… can I suggest “Fine” and “Fierce” as names?)

The first few tries, I could not get it to zip once it got past my waist. But I fiddled with the zipper a bit and got it to work (miracles). It was on, but my bust was definitely flattened a bit. Not nearly as bas as an off-the-rack US size 6 would be, but definitely not enough space for my bust. In the photos I took, you can see some buckling of the fabric around the underbust- my boobs were trying to steal fabric from the waist! A 12 Fab might have worked better (and been more “work-appropriate”, but I love the waist definition that the 1o gives… so I’d love to see this in a 10 Fine or Fierce! ;)

Photos (taken in a messy bathroom… sorry):

front1front 2

This sort of shows how squished my boobs are from the side:side squish

It’s great from the front, though:

front top


Comexim Iris Review!

Though I had just ordered it, I decided to include this lovely bra in my Valentine’s Day wishlist… I was that excited about it! I placed my custom order for a 65K Iris bra with reduced cups and gore (and narrow wires) on January 16th. The ordering process was fairly painless. A friend from a facebook bra group was willing to help translate for me, which was extremely helpful, especially when making a custom order!

After hearing stories about how even non-custom orders from Poland can take ages to ship, I prepared for a long wait. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised (okay, no, I was ecstatic) when a package from Poland showed up on February 1st! I was even more ecstatic when I opened the packaged and tried the bra on- this bra is beautiful, beautifully made, soft as silk, and fits like a dream!

Why did I choose to have the bra made with reduced cups and gore and narrow underwires? About a year ago, I bought a cheap used Comexim Giselle in a 60L to gauge my size with the brand before ordering. Of course, being broke, it took me ages to actually place an order… and in that time, I managed to miss Juliette (still heartbroken about that one).

I actually stalled on writing this post, because I was waiting to get photos that show just how amazing it is… but taking photos of oneself is a challenge, and I don’t have a photographer on hand, so I’m posting this now with photos that don’t do it justice. Anyway, here are a few photos of this beautiful bra:

(It almost camouflages with my sheets…)


Best “front” view I could get (taking photos of oneself is a challenge, to say the least):IrisAngle

View from the top:IrisTop

The excellent cleavage:


The band (angles are a little odd, the band is actually more horizontal than it appears here):


Fit: The band is a little bit smaller than I would have expected, but I can wear it without an extender. The cups fit perfectly. I have a lot of upper tissue, and didn’t have any issues with the top of the cup cutting in, so it’s relatively open at the top.

Size Consistency: While I only have one other Comexim bra to compare this to, I looked at a lot of Bratabase measurements and asked people for some subjective reviews, too… and it seems like my experience was not uncommon. Cup size is very consistent with Comexim, but bands vary depending on how stretchy the material is.

Comfort: The foam padding, elastic, and lace fabric are all extremely soft. The band would be more comfortable if it stretched slightly more, but that’s more of a fit than comfort issue. ;)

Looks: The dark plum lace is really sophisticated, and it’s beautiful (both on and off), but I’d categorize this a relatively simple/plain bra, since it’s a simple plunge shape covered with a nice fabric (no added frills, geometric fabric details, unusual cup shape, etc). Simple and gorgeous.

Shape: This is a true plunge on me. Had I not ordered reduced cups and gore, I would have ended up with a full-coverage bra… it seems as though the models must be wearing loose bands and too-small cups, but I think this is an issue with almost every bra company (and that’s a post in itself). Anyway, it’s a great plunge, and the cups are extremely rounded.

Overall: This is one of my all-time favourite bras. I need narrow underwires and deep cups, which Comexim does quite well… and the option to customize is really helpful, too! As I mentioned in my Green-Things post, I hope to get a Green Velvet soon! I’m also really curious about the new half-cup bras that have been appearing on the website. If you’d like to order the Iris bra, you can do so on the Comexim website.

A Review of Parfait’s Recent Size Expansion – 30H Charlotte!

So it’s no secret that I love Parfait. I’ve gushed about their bras more than a few times here… even though they didn’t really fit. I sent a request (or 5) to the company to expand their size range and crossed my fingers. Other bloggers and customers did the same.

While I was hoping that the Casey (like the Deco, but better) would be the first bra available in larger cup sizes, I’m not at all disappointed that the Charlotte was first in line, along with the Alexis babydoll and Sophia bra. I’d been wanting to try the Charlotte for ages, but had heard that the cups ran small, so even a 32G (my usual trying-to-make-parfait-work size) wouldn’t have worked. Thus, I was very excited to hear that Parfait was going to expand the size range of the Charlotte to 28-40 D-K!


(Sorry for the not-great photo… I’m currently staying in a friend’s dorm room!)

When Parfait asked me to review the Charlotte, I had no idea what size to order. I heard that the bra (after working out the new sizes) now ran true to size, so I thought I’d try ordering my current average size: 30H. And I’m happy to say that that was the right call! The 30H fits quite well. There is some space in the bottom of the cup, as well as some overspill at the top, but a 30HH wouldn’t really fix that, as the issue is with cup-depth.

charlotteside charlottequad


Speaking of which, the underwires on this bra are narrow and the cups are deeper than other US and UK brands. I could have used a bit more depth toward the center of the bra (right around the gore), but this is probably the deepest-cupped non-Polish bra I’ve seen!

The band has 4 rows of hooks and is extremely supportive. It runs slightly snug (my ribcage is 28.5 inches and the 30 fits well) and is supportive enough that I could probably hack the straps off this bra and wear it as a strapless (with some minor adjustments to the top of the cup).

charlottefront1 charlottefront2

I’m in love with the fabric and design- I chose dusty rose and I’m glad I did. I don’t usually like pink, but the rose color is muted and looks great with my pale yellowish skin. It’s really sophisticated and, wow, I want it to be seen! I’d consider wearing it under a sheer lace top.

Wow, this bra…

Good job, Parfait! I’m really excited to see the more bras in the extended size range!

Curvy Kate Entice, take 3

Okay, so I really wanted this to work. So when I saw a 30H on zulily, I jumped at it. I originally wanted a 30HH, but the 30H was the closest thing available.

The 30H was miles better than the 28HH… and the band was better than the 28J. While I could successfully stuff myself into the cups, moving did make me pop out quite a bit… so I think a 30HH would have been optimal.

Here’s how it looked:

30HHfront 30HHside30HHentice

Not bad, eh?

Look, here’s a photo of me with 4 fingers under the band. (Seriously, if you are going to send me snarky comments about how my bands are too small, please don’t waste your breath or my time. I’m obviously only going to wear what I’m comfortable in.)


Except that playing with the band revealed that the cups were actually still too small. I totally popped out.. and did not settle back in. :/ The cups are definitely too shallow for my shape- you can see some empty space at the bottom and I definitely feel like my boobs are being smashed against my chest. (EM bras, by contrast, fit me really well. I guess I just need deep cups.)


I think I’ll probably end up wearing it anyway… I just won’t move too much. I may try to alter the gore (which also adds space to the cups!), which could help things.

Claudette En Dentelle: when sister sizing doesn’t work out

I wear a 28HH or 30GG… or 30H… and sometimes a 30HH. Also occasionally a 28H or a 28J. And I’ve found a few 32G bras that I can wear on the tightest hooks (though I should really just alter them), like the Parfait Casey.

So when Claudette showed up on zulily, I thought I’d see if I could make a 32G work. Claudette only goes up to a G cup and I really, really love the En Dentelle collection. I decided to go for it, and then had to make the extremely difficult decision between violet and green. I went for green, since I rarely see green bras and have enough purple things to last a lifetime (that’s what happen when purple is your college colour).

claudette intense green

Wow, this has to be the most beautiful set I’ve ever seen. But the band is clearly too big for the model. :/


See? Gorgeous.

In person, the lace is just as lovely and delicate. The colours are a bit less vibrant, but it’s still clearly green.claudette32Gclaudetteclaudettegreenclaudettepanty

How did it fit? Not so well. :/

It gives my breasts a weird tear-drop “natural” shape that makes me feel saggy and totally unsupported. And the band, predictably, is way too loose. (And the cup fit is much worse when it’s on the tightest hooks!)


From the front, it’s really East-West. It felt like the cups were pulling my breasts down and out… which is exactly the opposite of what I want a bra to do.claudetteshape

Part of it was that the cup was too small. But it was only a size (or two) too small. I think the underwires were also extremely flimsy. Look how easily I can pull it away:claudettegore1

And even without my pulling on it, it doesn’t come close to sitting nicely against my sternum.claudettegore

Since I bought a sister-size, I feel unfair reviewing this fully. I really, really wanted this to work out, since it’s such a lovely bra. Maybe Claudette will consider adding more sizes?

FYI: I’m selling it here. If you need a 32G, this is an amazingly gorgeous set…