I currently own:

-1 34E (DDD) Fatasie Elodie [cups too small and band way too big]
-1 32E (DDD) Freya Deco [does not fit whatsoever]
-1 34F (DDD) Chantelle Icone t-shirt bra [band too big, cups to small… and very pointy]
-2 34F (DDD) Chantelle Rive Gauch “push up” bras [I need to take in the bands and the cups are a tiny bit tight now]
-1 36DD Chantelle Icone “push up” bra [same style as rive gauche push up, and same issues]
-1 36DD Aerie Ella bra in sash green [heavily altered it- I added lace, changed the cup shape, took in the band… it’s pretty!]

… I need a bra that fits. I have this bad habit of buying things that are pretty, in hopes that I will actually take the time to alter them. Also, I am still convinced that my breasts are smaller than they are. What I really need is a 32FF (UK)/ 32H (US).

And I should have a Panache Masquerade Rhea bra in 32FF (UK) arriving soon! It’s absolutely gorgeous.