Curvy Kate Tease Me take 2!

I fell in love with the Tease Me in powder blue, but, sadly, only managed to get one in a 28H… which was too small. I wore it a lot, until my breasts grew again. It’s now miles too small, and has been languishing in my drawer, waiting for my boobs to shrink again.

I wanted to give it a try in a better size, though, so I recently acquired a used 28HH (sadly not blue) Tease Me. It still cuts in slightly, but the lace at the top does a good job of hiding it, and I think the 28HH works pretty well for me. I got the matching garter shorts (not used), too!


Front (not the best front photo… sorry!)


You can see the overflow here:


And the shorts! The ruffle is really cute, though somewhat impractical.


Comfort: Quite comfy. Some people use this as a sleep bra… I’m not sure it’s that comfy, but it definitely is one of the more comfortable bras I’ve owned.

Looks: Gorgeous. This is my favourite Curvy Kate style. I just wish it were the powder blue one…

Shape: The shape is great. Very lifted and rounded. The cups are a little far apart and wide for me, though.

Overall: I think the 28HH works pretty well on me. I’m vaguely considering altering the gore so as to bring the cups closer together (underwires always manage to sit on my tissue!), but it’s okay as-is, so I may let laziness get the better of me. Anyway, it’s a really lovely style. Curvy Kate has discontinued the Showgirls line so they can make the sizing more consistent, but I really, really hope they bring back this style when they launch a new line of sexy bras. :)

(FYI: I’m still hoping to come across a 28HH, 28J, 30H, or 30HH powder blue Tease Me.)

Current Size

So I’ve lost a few more pounds (my ribcage is now 28 inches) and, along with it, about half a cup size. At the moment, a 28H seems to be the best-fitting size for most bras (28HH is better for bras like Curvy Kate Tease Me).

Here’s a 28H (worn on tightest hooks) Tease Me that I got this summer:

This is what it looks like once I’ve been wearing it for a while. (The red mark is due to my terrible habit of slouching.) I’m coming out of the top of the cup and a 28HH would be a lot better… but it’s a comfy bra and I wear it with tank tops/other shirts that don’t show the quad-boob. Anyway, I didn’t review it because I knew I was buying a too-small bra and didn’t feel quite right trying to review something that I knew wouldn’t fit. If it’s any help, I’d totally buy this bra again in a 28HH!

Anyway, I’m waiting for a few things to come in the mail (none of which are 28Hs… I’ll have to alter some bands), so there are some reviews coming up!


Parfait Fiona and Full-filled “mystery bra”

So neither bra turned out to be wearable. The 34G Parfait Fiona was too big in the cups (and, obviously, way too big in the band). The 28HH “mystery bra” technically fits well, but the cups sit too low and slide down my boobs… causing empty bottom cups and quad-boob. Sigh. So I can’t really do full reviews of either, but here are some thoughts:

Parfait Fiona (34G)

Fit: Everyone seems to think that Parfait bras run tight in the band. This one might have fit like a 32… but even on the tightest hooks, it was moving everywhere. Anyway, I thought the cups would fit since, theoretically, a 34G is the same as a 28HH. The cups, however, were a bit large. It’s hard to tell, though, since it would have sat differently with a well-fitting band. I tend to fit between a 28HH and a 28H, so I don’t think the cups were that far off.

Comfort: Not as comfortable as the Parfait Casey, but more comfortable than, say the Freya Deco.  The fabric was a little itchy, but the band seems to be the same soft band as the Casey.

Looks: It’s a gorgeous teal-ish blue satin… with black lace. Lovely.

Shape: Hard to tell, since the fit was so off. My guess, though, is that it wouldn’t have been as rounded as I would have liked.

Overall: A 32G (with an altered band) might have worked, but I don’t love it quite enough to buy another new bra just to alter it. It’s quite pretty, though.

Full-filled “mystery bra” (28HH)

Fit: The band seemed like a pretty standard 28. Tighter than a padded Curvy Kate 28, but looser than a 28 Cleo Chloe. The cups also seem to fit, but, due to the shape of the bra, they slide down my boobs, causing both empty lower cups and quad-boob… not a pretty sight.

Comfort: The bra seems pretty poorly made. The fabric is scratchy and the bra arrived with loose threads and some pulls in the material (hint: most of the things that look like wrinkles are actually pulls in the fabric). Cheap materials + poor construction = not very comfortable.

Looks: Eek. But, honestly, if it fit, I really wouldn’t care.

Shape: If the cups stayed up, it would be decent. It flattens me more than I’d like (ie: pushes my breasts up and back, rather than up and out), but it would work well as a T-shirt bra.

Overall: The shape is just all sorts of wrong for me. I wish it worked. And, honestly, it works well enough to serve as evidence that H+ MOULDED CUP BRAS ARE POSSIBLE!!!

Grab Bags

Sorry for the long hiatus. I had some rather large and unexpected things come up. I should (hopefully) be posting regularly again.

Over the summer, I’ve lost about 10 lbs and (with some gained in my boobs). At the moment, 28HHs are fitting relatively well.

I recently ordered a “grab bag” of 2 bras from Breakout Bras. It appears that they are not currently offering the grab bags, but it’s a pretty good deal when it’s around. You get two mystery bras (not new styles) in the size of your choice for $35. While you can’t exactly ask for specific things, they will try to honour requests for certain colours/styles/brands. I ordered a grab bag of 2 28HH bras and said that I preferred padded plunge bras (unpadded Cleo bras okay). After dealing with some issues with my shipping address, I received two Cleo bras: Lucy and Chloe.

I love Lucy (haha) and the 28HH was a perfect fit… but I’m very much not a hot-pink kind of gal. I’m hoping to sell/trade this for something a bit less hot-pink:

Chloe is gorgeous, but the fit is strange. It’s definitely a tight 28 (mostly due to the non-stretchy fabric that makes up part of the band) and, though the bottoms of the cups fit perfectly, the lace section at the top is huge on me. I have “full-on-top” breasts, so I really wasn’t expecting this:

Since the band and bottoms of the cups fit, I’m considering just altering the lace section. Plus, I prefer low-cut bras.

So I’m still sort of without well-fitting bras (with the exception of the hot-pink Lucy), but I am hoping to remedy that soon.

Inventory again

I now have a pile of bras that sort of fit. This is exciting! Since my bra size been changing wildly after switching thyroid medications, I’m going to try to hold off on buying new bras (keyword: try). Most importantly, however, I am going to keep a range of sizes around. I don’t know if my breasts will grow or shrink, but I do know that my ribcage is shrinking (so no more 32 bands!).

There are a few 32 bands that I need to take in, a 30 band that rides up, and a bunch of bras with slightly too-small cups. I should be able to handle my shrinking ribcage by altering the bands, but if my breasts grow any more, I will have to invest in a few more bras. Here are my currently wearable bras:

  • 30G Deco (Freya) – perhaps a bit small in cup, but fits like a 30GG… (broken)
  • 30G Casey (Parfait) -too small in cup
  • 30GG Lucy (Cleo) – too small in cup
  • 30G Tiffany (Masquerade) -too small in cup, slightly too big in band
  • 32FF Deco (Freya) – slightly small in cup, too big in band
  • 32G Tiffany (Masquerade) – too big in band

As you may have noticed, none of my pretty, colourful bras are in that pile. I’m keeping them around, in case my cup size shrinks… but they are all 2 or 3 cup sizes too small now, and I would need to do some pretty heavy alteration to the bands, since they are all 34s or 36s. I do plan to rebuild my colourful bra stash once I’ve settled at a healthier weight.

Interestingly, before I got myself out of 34C bras, I had no idea how frequently bra size changes/fluctuates. I kind of just assumed I would stay the same size, unless I lost or gained a large amount of weight… and it never really occurred to me that weight would affect my band size more than my cup volume . I’ve worn many different sizes, mostly because it took me a long time to get into a bra that really fit, but also because I’ve actually changed sizes. In the past 7 years, my ribcage has ranged from 26 to 31.5 inches and my cup volume from a 30F (US 30G) to a 30H (US 30K). If you’re wondering about weight and bra size: my highest weight did not correspond with my largest cup volume, but it did correspond with my largest ribcage measurement.

Soft Cup Bras

When I bought my first few D+ bras (in a 34DDD- not quite the right size), I managed to snag a Fantasie Elodie bra in slate grey. The bra was gorgeous on all the models, but looked awful on me. The lace cups came up almost to my collarbones and my breasts just looked pointy and saggy. Not a good look! Thankfully, Elodie found a loving home via eBay.

How it was supposed to look:

Frequently, the problem is the wrong size and I was certainly wearing the wrong size. But recently, I’ve tried on similar soft cup bras (in 32FFs, 30Gs, and 30GGs) from Fantasie and Freya and still look all sorts of wrong on me. I guess I’m a little less saggy, but the cups still come up too high and I still get bullet-boob. It’s really not a good look for me. My hunch is that the general seam pattern isn’t a flattering one for my shape.

I’ve had much better luck with the two Cleo soft cup bras that I’ve tried: Sasha (so pretty, but discontinued) and Lucy (I just placed an order for a 30GG from Butterfly Collection!).

Sizing: I stupidly ordered the Sasha in a 32FF… I needed a 32G or a 30GG. Sasha seemed to run tight in the band, probably due to the fashion fabric. If I could find the Sasha in a 32G or 30GG, I would jump on it. I tried on the Lucy in a 32G, fastened on the tightest hook. The 30GG should be great. Be warned, Cleo bras run small in the cup (I need a 30H for the Jude bra).

Shape: It’s technically a balconette. I don’t think the top section of the bra is doing much work, but the straps/sides/bottom give a lot of lift and support. Even with the Sasha being a cup size too small, it gives a really nice, round shape. The Lucy is, I believe, the same style, but is made with a different fabric.

Too small Sasha

You can tell the cup is too small, by the way the seams around top piece of fabric cut in (mid-breast and at the top)… a cup size larger would eliminate those indents and leave a really round shape. You can also see how the underwires are pulling back, in an attempt to fit my tissue. Never make the mistake of thinking a too-small bra is sexy (a moulded cup is less awkward, but still!).

Quality: I can only speak for the Sasha… the straps are made of a totally impractical material and managed to roll into wire-thin strands after wearing it once or twice. The rest of the bra is holding up really well.

Comfort: Again, the straps on the Sasha are awful. I might just replace them. The rest of the bra is wonderful!

I’ll update with pictures once Lucy comes in the mail. :)

Inventory, part II

My bra drawer currently holds 10 bras, only 4 of which are wearable (not necessarily “well-fitting”). Organized by cup volume, the contents of my drawer:

  • 2 32Gs (1 is a 34FF with a very tight band):Image
  • 4 32FFs (2 are 34DDDs, worn on tightest hook and with padding removed):Image
  • 3 32Fs (2 were 36DDs and 1 was a 34DDD, but I took in the bands):Image
  • 1 32D (it’s really a 34C, and it’s hilariously small):Image

Guess which ones fit? Well, none perfectly.

  • The black 32G (Masquerade Tiffany) is a little too big in the cup (but really close and it works with cookies).
  • The burgundy 32G (34FF, Masquerade Rhea) is… really stiff, so I can’t quite tell. I haven’t worn it yet.
  • The black and white 32FFs (Chantelle Rive Gauche) are close enough for me to wear, but the cups are too small.
  • The purple 32FF (fits like a 30G, Cleo Sasha) is close, but the cups are a little too tight and the band is a little too snug.
  • The burgundy 32FF (Masquerade Rhea) and all of the other bras are way too small in the cup.

So about 4 of these bras are wearable… 1 is questionable… and the other 5 are way too small.