Weight Loss

I lost a few (4) pounds over the past week (rather unexpectedly) and my underbust now measures 29.5 inches (down from 30.5 a week ago). My 32 bands really need alteration now… and even new 30 bands are starting to fit better on the middle hook. I’m planning on altering things, but I might wait a bit longer, since I could very well lose more weight from my ribcage in the next few weeks. My boobs are still semi-inflated (womp womp), but will hopefully shrink at least a tiny bit!

Normally, losing 4 lbs in a week is something to worry about, since it’s a lot of weight to lose in such a short amount of time. And it’s unexpected, because I’ve been eating a LOT (well, a lot for me… probably about 1,500 calories/day). To put this in perspective, prior to going on thyroid medication, I’d gain weight if I ate more than 900 calories/day. At my weight and activity level, I should be losing weight if I am eating less than 2,200 calories/day… but I’m just not used to my body working normally! It’s really nice to be able to lose weight like a normal person!

The weight loss is probably due to a combination of factors:

  • walking about 5 (hilly) miles a day
  • better selection of groceries (just moved back to college), more low GI foods
  • the changes in my thyroid medication starting to take effect (FYI: it’s a super-low dose… 35 mcg of Tirosint/day)

The other interesting thing is that I’ve been eating mostly carbs. I’m getting enough protein (there’s more than you’d guess in most vegetables and even bread is a great source) and the high-carb diet has also stopped the terrifying low blood sugars that I’ve always had problems with. The most important thing is that they are complex carbs. I’m eating boatloads (okay, not literal boatloads) of radishes, greens, fresh figs, sourdough bread, etc. Because they are more slowly absorbed, my blood sugar is staying at a good place all day. Some people’s bodies do well on a low-carb diet… and other people’s bodies don’t. What matters is that you eat what’s right for your body.

I’m cautiously happy about the weight loss, but am going to be extra-careful not to eat too little while exercising this much. One complication is that I still have no appetite. It’s not difficult for me to simply forget to eat… and when I do remember to eat, I have to force myself to eat more than I want to. To combat this, I’ve been trying to eat more calorie-dense foods (chocolate, avocado, olives, cheese, etc). My fingers are crossed, hoping that the weight loss continues slowly and safely.

Inventory again

I now have a pile of bras that sort of fit. This is exciting! Since my bra size been changing wildly after switching thyroid medications, I’m going to try to hold off on buying new bras (keyword: try). Most importantly, however, I am going to keep a range of sizes around. I don’t know if my breasts will grow or shrink, but I do know that my ribcage is shrinking (so no more 32 bands!).

There are a few 32 bands that I need to take in, a 30 band that rides up, and a bunch of bras with slightly too-small cups. I should be able to handle my shrinking ribcage by altering the bands, but if my breasts grow any more, I will have to invest in a few more bras. Here are my currently wearable bras:

  • 30G Deco (Freya) – perhaps a bit small in cup, but fits like a 30GG… (broken)
  • 30G Casey (Parfait) -too small in cup
  • 30GG Lucy (Cleo) – too small in cup
  • 30G Tiffany (Masquerade) -too small in cup, slightly too big in band
  • 32FF Deco (Freya) – slightly small in cup, too big in band
  • 32G Tiffany (Masquerade) – too big in band

As you may have noticed, none of my pretty, colourful bras are in that pile. I’m keeping them around, in case my cup size shrinks… but they are all 2 or 3 cup sizes too small now, and I would need to do some pretty heavy alteration to the bands, since they are all 34s or 36s. I do plan to rebuild my colourful bra stash once I’ve settled at a healthier weight.

Interestingly, before I got myself out of 34C bras, I had no idea how frequently bra size changes/fluctuates. I kind of just assumed I would stay the same size, unless I lost or gained a large amount of weight… and it never really occurred to me that weight would affect my band size more than my cup volume . I’ve worn many different sizes, mostly because it took me a long time to get into a bra that really fit, but also because I’ve actually changed sizes. In the past 7 years, my ribcage has ranged from 26 to 31.5 inches and my cup volume from a 30F (US 30G) to a 30H (US 30K). If you’re wondering about weight and bra size: my highest weight did not correspond with my largest cup volume, but it did correspond with my largest ribcage measurement.

Trash-picking Spoiler

I’m back home (off-campus) today for a thyroid appointment (it went well!). But since I’m off campus, I can’t post the treasures that I found in the “trash” (actually just bags of clothing that people were getting rid of… not in the trash-trash) until tomorrow…

But here’s a trash-picking spoiler! This is a nice zippery, yellow sweater-jacket that I found:


I love yellow. The jacket is a rich, mustardy colour with silverish zippers. Lots and lots of zippers. It’s semi-double breasted… there is a snap at the bottom right and then it folds over to the left to zip. I can zip it over my boobs, but it looks silly. I like it half-zipped anyway. Also, the stomach is a bit loose, but it’s good at a jacket and looks good with leggings. The brand is “silence and noise” (carried by Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie). Oh, and it was free.

I’ll post the rest of my finds once I’m back on campus. :)


On Snarky Remarks Concerning Weight and Cup Size…

(…or what I do instead of writing philosophy papers.)

Whilst reading the comics over at bustygirlcomics.com, I came across a rather disturbing “ask”. It read:

Honestly I feel that girls who are overweight do not have the right to complain about or glorify their big boobs. I know a girl who lost a lot of weight to be normal weight and she went from a 36G to 32 DD. There is no way you can refute that some girls are “big boned” because genetics have the smallest impact on weight in fact its only a maximum genetic variation of 5kg. I don’t mean to attack anyone (just an opinion),but save the complaining to the girls who are normal weight with big boobs.

Ignoring the grammatical issues/dubious word usage, I want to respond to this, because  it’s just flat out incorrect… there are false premises and terrible logical mistakes.

A. As I read it, the implied argument/conclusion is:

  1. If person X is capable of dropping a few cupsizes, then person X does not have the right to complain about having large breasts. (implied premise)
  2. Sally was overweight and had large breasts. She lost weight and dropped a few cupsizes. (premise)
  3. Overweight people will drop cupsizes if they lose weight. (generalization, supposedly from 2)
  4. Overweight people are fat because they don’t try to lose weight. Fat people are capable of losing weight. (premise)
  5. Overweight people are capable of dropping a few cupsizes. (modus tollens, 3 and 4)
  6. .: Overweight people do not have the right to complain about having large breasts. (modus tollens, 1 and 5)

B. Analysis of Argument/Problems:

  1. Premise 1 is reasonable enough that I will grant the writer premise 1. (But really, policing other people’s bodies is pointless.)
  2. The writer knows “a girl who lost a lot of weight to be normal weight and she went from a 36G to a 32DD”. Well now, that’s wonderful… but how on earth does she derive the generalization that all overweight people will drop cup sizes if they lose weight? It simply does not follow. Example: I know a penguin named Alvin. Therefore, all penguins are named Alvin. Um, it just doesn’t work that way. (And can you imagine a scientific study being done that way? Eek! You want a large group to study so that you can control for other factors!)
  3. Good God that is just blatantly, factually incorrect. When I was anorexic, I lost 30 lbs (it took me a year, due to my thyroid problems) and GREW in the breast, so we’ve already got one counterexample. Some people lose breast fat when they lose weight… but many people don’t. You can’t generalize that.
  4. Ugh. I addressed this the other day. Even IF I would drop cup sizes if I lost weight, I can’t lose weight. I exercise and eat 1200 calories a day just to maintain being overweight instead of gaining weight… when I figure out my thyroid medication, that will hopefully change, but as it stands, I cannot lose weight. So even if I would drop cup sizes with weight loss, I’m not capable of weight loss. Oh, hey! Look! I’m a counterexample again!
  5. If 3 and 4 weren’t dead wrong, 5 would be okay.
  6. Follows from 1 and 5, but 5 is derived from false premises.

So basically almost everything about that argument is just wrong. It’s based on false premises and the argument itself isn’t even valid. I can handle people saying “offensive” things, so long as the premises are true and the arguments are valid… but if you don’t have something reasonable to say, don’t say anything at all.

The Little (Large?) Things

I am lucky enough to go to one of the top two liberal arts colleges in the US. The classes and professors are great, but work and finals are a beast. The other day, a friend saw me and asked if I had been abroad this semester… I guess I’ve just been that crushed by work. Finals (unofficially) started last week and I’ll be engulfed until about May 10th.

But the little joy is that my mom gave me a eBay gift card and I decided to try out the Freya Deco again, this time in a 32FF. Wish me luck?

I bought a used one, because I am not confident about the fit and because there is a good chance that my size will be changing in the next month or so (due to impending change in thyroid medication and recently getting a partially hormonal IUD). And by the way, used bras aren’t bad! Used clothes are better for the environment and your wallet, so if a bra is still in great shape, it’s totally worth it. Anyway, the bra should be here any day, so look forward to a brief review. :)