Tutti Rouge Betty Review!

Disclaimer: Tutti Rouge provided the items for this review. 

When I heard about Tutti Rouge a few months ago, I was extremely excited to see cute and youthful styles available in a much needed size range (28-38 DD-HH (sometimes J)). I was obviously ecstatic when they offered to send me the Betty bra and panties to review. I had originally asked for a 28HH, but I’d been more of a 30GG lately, so I changed it to a 30GG.

The package arrived beautifully wrapped. The lingerie inside was even more lovely!


My photos didn’t manage to capture the wonderful amount of effort put into the detail and construction of the bra. The bra feel really well-made and the cute heart-shaped adjusters made me giggle. I had been skeptical of all things pink, but the pink bow works pretty well with the creme-coloured satin. And the fabric is amazingly soft!

Trying it on, though, was a mess. My ribcage is currently 29 inches, so a 30 should fit easily… and I should be able to at least fasten a 28. Not so with this bra. I could barely get the 30 to fasten… and then it felt like it was suffocating me. (It was okay with an extender, though.) Unstretched, the band measured 22 inches. Fully stretched, it only made it to 28 inches, which makes it a tight 28 or a loose 26 band… not a 30 band.

bettyband bettybandextender

The cups were also way too small, but that may be partially due to the cups becoming part of the band (as well as my needing a larger cup in general). Given this, it’s hard for me to estimate how the cups fit. I think a 32GG or 32H would fit me, though.

bettyside2  bettycup


The shape of the bra also isn’t quite right for me: the cups are shallow and wide (like most UK brands)… but a looser band would definitely alleviate some of the flattening!


(FYI: The panties run a bit large. I normally wear a medium, but I really should have asked for a small! They are lovely and comfy, though! There is an adorable keyhole with a bow in the back… )

But since the band ran so small, I wondered if perhaps Tutti Rouge might be a good solution for my friend who needs a 24/26 band. I had her try on my 30GG and the band fit pretty well on the tightest hooks. The cups were a bit big on her, but I’d guess that the Betty would fit her in a 28GG. For the record, she really loves the bra!

bettyaband2 bettyaband


bettyacup bettyafront

I’m really hoping that, instead of simply making their bands bigger, Tutti Rouge simply relabels them. The size range could be 24-34 (maybe 26-36)… and, with the styles that Tutti Rouge offers, would be a perfect fit for that demographic. (See that pun there?)

Anyway, the bra is exceptionally well made and really, really lovely. My fingers are crossed that the sizing issues are sorted out soon, because I’m really excited to see more of what Tutti Rouge has to offer!

Bra shops in Ireland


I recently returned from Ireland with my choir. (Couldn’t resist including a photo of the gorgeous scenery!) The trip was fun! I didn’t have a lot of free time, but, since I am always interested in seeing the bra stores available in cities, I did make sure to check out the shops.

Dublin: I saw a few things listed, but only had time to check out one place. I decided to check out Bramora and I am really glad I did! I’ll be writing a review of the shop in a separate post.

Galway: There were a few places in the city and I managed to check out 3: Elegant Undies, La Femme (by Anthony Ryans), and Change Lingerie.

  • Elegant Undies– bands start at 30 (even though most of the bands they carry start at 28 bands) and cups only up to G (the person helping me did find one 30GG, though). I didn’t get any weird looks when I asked for a 28HH or 30GG, which is a giant plus. Not sure of fitting abilities, since I didn’t have time to get fitted. I tried on the Panache sports bra in a 30G, which was too small in the cup) and they suggested I try a 32G, since the band ran tight anyway. The 32G felt alright, but I think I’d want it in a 30H (with extender) or 32GG.  The shop was small, but they did have a decent selection of bikinis. Oh, it’s also in a mall, which is kind of interesting.
  • La Femme– similar size range (though they did have a few larger cups). I tried on the Wonderbra strapless bra in a 32G (hoping the band ran small), but the cups were too small and the band was loose even on the tightest hooks. The fitter said I could get away with it if I needed a strapless, but stressed that it was my body and I should wear what I feel comfortable in.
  • Change Lingerie– this is up there in my top 3 worst experiences in lingerie stores. I walked in and asked if they had anything in a 30GG, but the person working there would not let me try on bras before she “fitted” me. She “fitted” me as a 36G (EU sizing… like a UK 36F). Curiously, she measured me with my bra and clothing on and I never even felt the measuring tape touch my ribcage. When I mentioned that I was currently wearing a UK 28H, she said that it was “impossible” because I am a 36G. When I asked if she would just bring me bras in a 30 band to try on, she refused. She brought me a few 32Gs and 34Gs (all way too small in the cup, since she’d measured me as a 36G) and claimed that the cups fit wrong because the band was too tight. I explained that it would be impossible for me to fasten a 28 band if I really needed a 36 and finally convinced her to bring me 32s in larger cup sizes. (She brought some 34s, too.) The 32H was too loose even on the tightest hooks and too small in the cup. I gave up and left. This is really odd, since their website uses +0 sizing method and asks for a tight underbust measurement. According to the website, I need a 65J… which is a 30J… which the fitter would not let me try on.

Whoo. Sorry about that long-winded rant about Change Lingerie. It’s a shame- the bras are cute and the website seems to have decent information on fit. Anyway, if you can make it to Dublin, check out Bramora! If you can only get to Galway, I’d recommend Elegant Undies or La Femme, but the selection is limited.

Closet Cleaning…

I’ve had a few major changes in my life in the past few months and, in the craziness, I’ve realized that the amount of stuff that I have is really weighing me down.

You might assume that, as a broke college student, I wouldn’t have so much stuff… but actually, being broke is the main reason why I hoard. Growing up, my family was poor, so I got used to wanting things and not getting them. So when I did get a thing, it was a big deal… and I clung to my things as though I’d never have a “thing” again. My family’s situation improved and I got more things… but I couldn’t quite shake the mentality of “you must keep every thing because you might never get a thing again!”. This seems to be a fairly common problem for people who grew up in similar situations.

Anyway, with all of the changes in my life, I decided to start making active and positive changes. One of those changes has been to get rid of all of my “things” that I can’t use anymore. Like books that I’m not going to read again… and clothes. I have incredible amounts of clothing that hasn’t fit me since 8th or 9th grade (I’m a senior in college now)… and incredible amounts of clothing that never quite fit me (damn boobs). I had considered purging my closet, but the very thought of it terrified me. But a few weeks ago, I finally sorted through my clothes and decided to get rid of roughly 1/3 of my clothing. I gave about half of it to a friend and am planning to consign the rest of it (since I do need money to buy clothing that actually fits me).

And I am so glad that I did. I had been clinging to all of that stuff for years… and it was weighing me down.

Cleo Sasha (take 2)

So I bought the Cleo Sasha in a 32FF a while back. I loved it, but I knew it didn’t fit. It’s a gorgeous bra, though, and I wanted one that I could at least get away with wearing… so I set out on a search for one in the 28H-30H territory. Knowing that a 28HH would probably be the best fit (but worried that a 28 might be too snug), I went for the only size I saw available: 30GG.

As you may recall, this is the same size as the problematic black Cleo Lucy. The cups on the Sasha, however are a tad more generous, so a 30GG is wearable in the cup. Unfortunately, I was wrong about how tight the band ran and wore it on the tightest hook right out of the package. A 28HH would be amazing in this bra (hint, nudge… if you see one available, let me know!). After breaking the 30GG in a bit, I will probably alter the band.


The slight indentation:


I also have the same issues with the pokey underwires. Has anyone had any success in bending Cleo underwires? I don’t want to end up breaking my bra. 

For now, though the 30GG is wearable. And I have the matching panties, which is a definite plus!

NB: I ordered from Breakout Bras. They are wonderful. After having issues with shipping last time, they told me to call customer service and order over the phone. I placed the order on Monday morning and received the package on Wednesday morning. Amazing.

Grab Bags

Sorry for the long hiatus. I had some rather large and unexpected things come up. I should (hopefully) be posting regularly again.

Over the summer, I’ve lost about 10 lbs and (with some gained in my boobs). At the moment, 28HHs are fitting relatively well.

I recently ordered a “grab bag” of 2 bras from Breakout Bras. It appears that they are not currently offering the grab bags, but it’s a pretty good deal when it’s around. You get two mystery bras (not new styles) in the size of your choice for $35. While you can’t exactly ask for specific things, they will try to honour requests for certain colours/styles/brands. I ordered a grab bag of 2 28HH bras and said that I preferred padded plunge bras (unpadded Cleo bras okay). After dealing with some issues with my shipping address, I received two Cleo bras: Lucy and Chloe.

I love Lucy (haha) and the 28HH was a perfect fit… but I’m very much not a hot-pink kind of gal. I’m hoping to sell/trade this for something a bit less hot-pink:

Chloe is gorgeous, but the fit is strange. It’s definitely a tight 28 (mostly due to the non-stretchy fabric that makes up part of the band) and, though the bottoms of the cups fit perfectly, the lace section at the top is huge on me. I have “full-on-top” breasts, so I really wasn’t expecting this:

Since the band and bottoms of the cups fit, I’m considering just altering the lace section. Plus, I prefer low-cut bras.

So I’m still sort of without well-fitting bras (with the exception of the hot-pink Lucy), but I am hoping to remedy that soon.

Pictures in response to the awful “bra fitting scam” post…

Edit: Bianca James did not intend to offend anyone with the post she wrote. It did, however, offend many people. The following post was written in response to what read as body snark and policing other women’s bodies.

You’ve probably heard of/seen this nasty little post about how “bra fitting is a f*cking scam” over at MsBehaved. No sh*t, it is a scam… except that the “scam” she is talking about is fitters who don’t add inches to the underbust. How is it a scam? “Vanity sizing”, she claims.

She tells the horrible story of her fitting at Nordstrom in which her 42DDD body was shoved into a 38H. It was, apparently, difficult to breathe. But most importantly,  “H cup was bra size no-woman’s- land, inhabited by porn stars with massive implants who looked like they might fall over from the weight of their breasts.” Oh, I must be a porn star! And I don’t recall getting implants… but I guess I did!

OF COURSE the 38 band felt too tight! If you’re used to wearing a huge band, going down even one band size will be a big deal. You need to take it in small steps. For example, I went through every intermediate band size on the way from 36 to 30. Had I immediately gone to 30 or even 32, I would have felt like I was being suffocated. (edit: this isn’t “corset training”. Big changes in band size just feel weird.) She should have started out with a 40GG. And she asks “How does one push one’s breasts back into one’s armpits, exactly?” Um… most people do it. If you’re wearing a bra that is too small in the cup, the breast tissue will migrate to the armpit. Look in a mirror. Is there breast tissue beyond the side of the cup? If so, it’s getting shoved into your armpit. It’s not rocket science…

It’s bs like that terrible post that made me afraid to try on bands smaller than 36 or cups larger than DDs. Even now, I still tend to buy the smallest cup I can cram myself into. I actually cried when I first read that post. I wanted to respond to it weeks ago, but felt like my words would fall on deaf ears. Perhaps images will be better?

So without further ado, I present two images in response to the infamous post:


30GG (altered from 32G):

See the difference? (Hint: it isn’t just the colour of the background.) Hun, I’m not wearing a 30GG to flatter myself… I’m wearing it because it fits.

Reading Recommendation

I’ve included the Butterfly Collection blog in my list of US and Canadian D+ bra blogs, but I want to draw special attention to it for a few reasons. Every time I pop over to look at new posts, I am amazed at the work that Claire is doing. Her posts frequently cover matters of body image, fitting, and feminism… three of my favourite topics. She manages to express things that I’ve struggled to find a delicate way to phrase. For example, her post on topless sunbathing deals with our culture’s oversexualization of the female body, which is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. The most recent post is a guest post by her sister-in-law about the amazing things that a well-fitting bra can do for one’s self-confidence and overall body image.

Her posts are really uplifting (pun intended) and I’m really excited about the work that Claire is doing. Check out the Butterfly Collection blog here: http://blog.butterflycollection.ca/