Thanks for visiting my bra-blog, where I rant and review. I’ve had a long-standing battle with my body, and realizing that I am not a 34C has been a major step forward for me. I hope that my posts will help get other people into better-fitting bras. As a starving recent college-graduate, I can’t afford endless bras, but I will certainly review the ones I can manage to find cheaply!

This blog is mostly content about G+ breasts and the bras and clothing that fit them, but I also have a lot to say about feminism, ethics, and hypothyroidism.

Comment Policy:

Honestly, the fact that I need to say this is very sad. But I’ve had many rude comments and a few downright vicious ones, so I guess it needs to be said: harassment will not be toleratedThis is a body-snark free zone. This is also a hate-free zone. If you disagree with something, post a polite comment… or message me about it (politely, of course). If you post a nasty comment, it will simply be deleted.

Support my blog:

I am a student and artist, but I want to keep this blog free of ads and affiliate links. If you’ve found my posts helpful and want to help support my blog by “tipping” me via giftrocket, it would be very much appreciated! (Use the email listed below!)


Feel free to contact me via my facebook page or at questfortheperfectbra@gmail.com.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I have just found your blog via Darlene at Hourglassy and I am thrilled by your reviews and comments on bras and cloths, really helpful to me as I am your English bra double!

  2. Hi Q Lyla!
    I’ve actually been trying to find contact info or an email for you – I have a few suggestions on bras because I have the SAME problem with Freya and Panache as you and wanted to send you a message as it covers many of the topics you talk about.

    P.S. I’m originally from RI, so I TOTALLY know about the dearth of good stores, I have a few suggestions on that too.

    Let me know :)


  3. Hi Lyla!

    Please feel free to add me to your blog list (FussyBusty.Wordpress.Com)!

    I am from Ohio, so I can help rep the mid-west! :-)

    I have to appreciate your thyroid problems, as well! I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease when I was 10 and had my thyroid shrunken away, however I still deal with the issues of managing the dosage of levothyroxine and the other symptoms that are present with thyroid issues!

    Cheers and I’m happy to have another blog to read about US bras!


  4. Hi, it’ll be interesting to follow your blog! I’m a large busted bra blogger myself and I have hypothyroidism too, as well as fibromyalgia and a few other bits and pieces! I’m from Becky’s Boudoir over in North Yorkshire, England anyway. :-)

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