Review: Panache Sport Wireless

A while back, I bought a used Panache Sports bra (the underwired one) in a 30H in the dark purple colourway. The fit was ok, but it was horrendously uncomfortable, and I quickly resold it, as I realized I’d never get any wear out of it. Panache bras tend to run snug in the band, and I might have preferred a 32 band to the 30 band (despite being a solid 28 band at the time). But even with an extender, the underwires cut sharply into my overly sensitive ribcage. I realize that most people don’t have crazy sensitive ribs, but I do… and I know I’m not alone.

So when the wire-free Panache Sport came out, I was very curious to try it. Now, I’ve never had good luck with an underwire-free bra… particularly sports bras. The wire-free sports bras I had tried all came in S/M/L sizing and functioned by mashing my boobs to my chest. And if I wanted one that might actually be tight enough to keep my boobs from bouncing everywhere, I’d have to get it in a size too small for me to actually get my boobs into. So yes, I was very curious to try the wire-free Panache Sport. Remembering that the band ran snug, I went for a 32GG:


Fit: This is a wireless bra. Do you know what underwires do? They make sure the fabric from the cups doesn’t get pulled to the sides due to pressure on the band… they keep your bra from mashing your breasts to your chest like a binder. Without underwires, there isn’t much to keep the entire bra from stretching equally. So, yes, this bra does mash my breasts to my chest a bit…


Look how far back the edge of the cups ends up. It could be much worse… but don’t expect the cups to stay in place like an underwired bra.

Otherwise, the fit is ok. The band is a tiny bit loose (I can fit my full hand under it), but it’s still very supportive, and feels just right for exercise/lots of movement. The cups are a little tight at the top, and I get a little quad-boob, but it’s not a big deal.


Comfort: Yes. I actually took these photos just after a hike. I’ve worn this bra hiking, moving heavy furniture and boxes, and lounging. I haven’t tried running, but a brief jog through the house tells me that I won’t end up with black eyes. Yes, underwires would be more supportive… but this bra is comfy for exercise precisely because it does not have underwires. I did find that it’s significantly more supportive with the back hooked (which also gives me some unexpected cleavage).

Back unhooked:


Now hooked:


Looks: The ultra violet colourway is a lovely blue-purple… blurple? I like it. As for the rest of it… well, it’s a sports bra. It’s sporty. Not my aesthetic, but I’m not embarrassed to be seen in it.

Shape: It spreads my breast tissue around my chest and makes me look weirdly flat and barrel-chested. But I’m not wearing this bra to look good- I’m wearing it to be comfy and supported while exercising or lounging.

Overall: At $68, this thing better last a while. If I have the money, I’ll probably get a second one. I’ve decided that a well-fitting underwire-free sports bra is a very good thing to have.  2        

4 thoughts on “Review: Panache Sport Wireless

  1. It’s been my experience (for sports bras) to not want a band that runs anything close to loose when I first try it on. The reason being: When I work out, the continuous movement coupled with increased heat, causes it to stretch too much to be comfortable. When it comes to sports bras, I’d rather it be a bit snug at the get-go so that it’s comfortable *during* the workout. However, it’s always good to find a sports bra that works, no matter the personal preference. :D

    1. I should clarify- the band definitely doesn’t run loose. It’s definitely tight for a 32 band, possibly closer to a 30. I do generally prefer snug bands, but my ribcage has been growing more and more sensitive and, particularly when moving and breathing deeply, I really want a band that won’t put too much pressure on my ribs. The band of this is a little loose on me, but, for the most part, it stays in place. :)

  2. Thanks for the review! The wireless version of the Panache Sport has interested me, as I have and like the wired one, but don’t always want to wear wires. I’ve found that the wired version has been comfortable enough for an “everyday” bra – would you say the same for the wireless version? I’m almost wondering if I can use it as a supportive “around the house” bra.

    1. My apartment has been like 90+ degrees and we have no AC… so the thought of wearing any extra clothing frightens me right now. But, yeah, it’s definitely comfy and supportive enough for a lounging bra. :) It’s a little compression-y to wear all the time, though.

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