Queer Things

I feel disingenuous remaining silent about the SCOTUS’s decision on same-sex marriage today. While I’d love to be over the moon right now, I can’t help but feel the need to remind everyone that marriage is not the end. Marriage isn’t even close to being the most important queer issue. When many queer youth are homeless and trans women of color are being murdered at alarming rates, we better not think that this victory is anything but a small step in the right direction.

And honestly, America’s “acceptance” of queers doesn’t go much further than idolizing conventionally attractive white gay cis-men (“lesbians” in porn don’t count, sorry). Caitlyn Jenner is “accepted”, but only because she manages to fit in the very narrow idea of what a “beautiful woman” should look like… which is only reinforcing the idea that being a woman means having boobs and looking conventionally “feminine”… oh, and being conventionally attractive. (Women who don’t look like that, I support you! Non-women who do look like that, I support you!)

A brief list of some of the issues more important than gay marriage:

  • queer youth homelessness
  • bullying/abuse and other violence (particularly against trans women of color)
  • health care access and quality
  • legal protections for queers in the workplace
  • and let’s not forget all of the issues of racism, misogyny, classism, and ableism (it’s ok to be gay… if you’re a well-off, able-bodied, white cis-man)

So while I’d love to be ecstatic about marriage equality, I’m feeling rather discouraged about the many other issues facing the queer community.

One thought on “Queer Things

  1. Word!

    I live in a liberal city in a state that’s been creeping to the right :/ but is still pretty “blue.”

    We legalized same-sex marriage a couple of years ago. And we’ve had protections against housing and employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientations and gender identity for a while now.

    So it’s so very very important for all of us to grok that a lot of people are still fighting for some basic rights. And they won’t get them if those with more privilege (like me — I’m a white, cis, middle class, middle aged bi woman) kick back and relax. The struggle is far from over!

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