Review: Two Maxi-Dresses from DD Atelier

I like blue a lot, and sometimes I drool over the dresses on the DD Atelier website. So when these two blue beauties popped up, I couldn’t resist. I rarely buy clothing (and really don’t have the budget for it), and this was a big purchase for me. After trying the Mimosa dress in an 80F (34F) last summer, I figured that an 80H (36H in their new sizing) or 75H (34H) would work better. So, I ordered the blue Fiori maxi dress and Blue Plaid maxi dress in a 34H and eagerly awaited delivery.

Blue Fiori:

fiori blue

Fiori back  Fiori 3

Fit: For once, I was pleased to see a dress fit me the same way it fit the model. Just as on the model, there is next to no cleavage, which normally isn’t my thing… but it works here. I could have easily ordered a 34F and had some cleavage. If you’re going for cleavage, consider ordering a boob size smaller.

Fiori 4Fiori 2

Comfort: Just like the Mimosa dress, the fabric is very thin and floaty. I could wear this on a very hot day and not feel like a baked potato.

Looks/shape: This could be dressed up or down easily. I’d be as comfortable wearing this for a summer performance as for a walk in the park. The waist is well-defined, and the dress works well with or without the belt in my photos. The skirt is huge and twirly. But… there are no pockets.

fiori 1

Overall: Gorgeous dress. I will be wearing this a lot. But…maybe pockets next time?

Blue Plaid:


I’m going to preface this whole thing with the zipper nonsense: I could not zip this on my own. In fact, at first, I assumed it was simply because it was too small. But I decided to ask my roommate to help me and, lo and behold, it zipped. WHY DO SIDE ZIPPERS EXIST?!? Side zippers are difficult to zip, particularly when you throw large boobs into the mix. Since I now know that this actually can zip, I’m considering moving the zipper to the back, where I might actually be able to zip it on my own.

OK. Moving on.

plaid 3

plaid 1

plaid 6

Fit: The bust is tight on me. It zips and I can still breathe and my boobs aren’t totally squashed, but a 36H might have been better in the bust. However, the 34 is good in the waist. To be fair, I have very broad shoulders and, thus, my ribcage is sort of shaped like an upside down triangle… so a lot of my bust girth comes from my ribcage. That said, I could have used a bit more boob room too, so it’s not just my upper ribcage. I expected a bit more boob room from the H. Another important point: the arm holes are very small, so if your arms aren’t so small, beware.


The arm holes are eating my armpits.

Comfort: The fabric is much thicker/stiffer on this dress than the other DD Atelier dresses I’ve tried, so it feel a little more formal. Oh, and the armholes are eating my armpits. Otherwise quite comfy, though!

Looks/shape: Absolutely gorgeous. I love that it’s not about the boobs- it’s a sleek, fun style that I usually see flatter-chested people rocking, and it’s great to see that this works well with large boobs, too!  The high-low skirt is wonderful, and the tailoring is exquisite. I’m not 100% sold on the neckline shape/height… but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

plaid 5 plaid 4 front1  plaid 2

Overall: I love this dress enough that I’m planning to a) move the side zip to the back and b) make the arm holes a bit larger.

Queer Things

I feel disingenuous remaining silent about the SCOTUS’s decision on same-sex marriage today. While I’d love to be over the moon right now, I can’t help but feel the need to remind everyone that marriage is not the end. Marriage isn’t even close to being the most important queer issue. When many queer youth are homeless and trans women of color are being murdered at alarming rates, we better not think that this victory is anything but a small step in the right direction.

And honestly, America’s “acceptance” of queers doesn’t go much further than idolizing conventionally attractive white gay cis-men (“lesbians” in porn don’t count, sorry). Caitlyn Jenner is “accepted”, but only because she manages to fit in the very narrow idea of what a “beautiful woman” should look like… which is only reinforcing the idea that being a woman means having boobs and looking conventionally “feminine”… oh, and being conventionally attractive. (Women who don’t look like that, I support you! Non-women who do look like that, I support you!)

A brief list of some of the issues more important than gay marriage:

  • queer youth homelessness
  • bullying/abuse and other violence (particularly against trans women of color)
  • health care access and quality
  • legal protections for queers in the workplace
  • and let’s not forget all of the issues of racism, misogyny, classism, and ableism (it’s ok to be gay… if you’re a well-off, able-bodied, white cis-man)

So while I’d love to be ecstatic about marriage equality, I’m feeling rather discouraged about the many other issues facing the queer community.