Review of Comexim’s Carnival Longline

Disclaimer: this post got delayed a bit, I received the bra in late February… it’s almost June now. Oopsie.

I’ve been dying for a Comexim Longline for a while now, and decided that my next purchase from Comexim would be longline bra (as a birthday gift for myself, aww). While Wellfitting offered a few longlines, I didn’t love the styles available. I did, however, fall in love with the Carnival bra, so I emailed to ask if it would be possible to have it made as a longline.

It was possible and, after some insane mail delays, I received this breathtakingly gorgeous set:

carnival set

Fit: Pretty spot-on. I got my usual Comexim size of 65K. Since the original bra was their new halfcup style, I opted to forgo my normal “lowered cups/gore” customization. The customizations I requested: narrower wires and a longline band. It looks like this bra actually is a plunge, but the cups and gore are low enough. Maybe they did those customizations anyway? I can’t be too sure. With my other plunge bras, the straps are often set too far to the sides, but that isn’t an issue in this bra. The cups are nearly perfect; the apex of the cups is *slightly* too east-west for my shape, but it doesn’t pose much of an issue. The band is great, except for the thin strip of elastic at the bottom being significantly tighter than the rest of the band. With a few wears, the elastic strip relaxed, and is now fairly inoffensive.

comexim carnival

Right out of the package! Note: the elastic at the bottom was still extremely tight, and this is about 10 lbs ago.

Comfort: For the first few wears, the thin strip of elastic was uncomfortably pinchy. The rest of the band was significantly looser (it felt like a difference of 1-2 sizes), so it wasn’t a simple issue of the band being too small. For longline bands, it would be nice to see a construction that doesn’t require a thin strip of elastic at the bottom. Also, because of my upper belly fat, the front of the band (like all longlines), tends to ride up over the course of the day. But the back stays put, which is what matters most to me. On the whole, the bra is extremely comfy.

Looks: Absolutely stunning. I have always appreciated Comexim’s use of exciting fabrics and unusual embellishments. Even if pink/blue chevrons and butterfly print isn’t my thing, there is almost always at least one style that takes my breath away. When I saw the fabric for the Carnival set, I knew I had to have this one. this sort of reminds me of a style that I would expect from Fauve or Huit, which is exciting. My only complaint: the lace pattern is slightly off-center on the briefs. Comexim’s attention to detail is usually very impressive, so I’m not sure what happened with the pattern centering… but it’s not a deal-breaker.


IMAG1301 Colour is a bit off here, it’s not quite this green.

Shape: Dear goodness, my boobs have never been this perky and cleavage-y. I think this is the shape most people get from the Freya Deco?  Well, I’ve just found my new go-to cleavage/uplift bra. ALSO you know how I always complain about “halfcup” bras being full-coverage in reality? Comexim is serious when they say “halfcup”. I didn’t have the gore or cups lowered, and it’s mighty low-cut.

carnival3 carnival2

I really can’t get a good photo of my cleavage… apparently, moving my arm enough to take a photo ruins the effect. But believe me, there is mad cleavage!

Overall: The next time I see a Comexim fabric that I love (and have money for it), I will be ordering this style again.

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