Guest Post by Trusst Lingerie: A Fairytale Ending?

Deborah from Trusst Lingerie contacted me a few weeks about to let me know about Trusst’s innovative bra. Trusst focuses on creating beautiful and comfortable bras for a wide range of sizes. Check out their website, where you can find more information and see some of their products modeled on people of many shapes and sizes! Trusst’s Kickstarter campaign launches on April 22nd (today), and I’m excited to see where things go from here! Their guest post is below:

One thing that will always be a constant when you have a larger bust is the quest for the perfect bra. This lifelong adventure will take you through twists and turns, throw you many curveballs and hopefully have a happy ending: your bra in shining armor.

Stories like these only exist in fairy tales. A perfect bra is a once in a lifetime experience it seems. You find that one style that somehow makes your bust look amazing and then before you know it, the bra is worn out and the brand discontinued the style and you’re on this quest all over again.

How cliché is that – we’re waiting to find the perfect bra, hoping it’ll come across our paths and make our lives complete. It’s 2015 and this antiquated fairy tale thinking just won’t cut it. Why do we have to wait for what we want? Why can’t we take some imitative and get exactly the bra we deserve?

That’s what we did at Trusst. Fed up with the way bras are, we wrote a new story for our storybook. The quest we’re on now is a little different. We’re not trying to find the perfect bra, we’re trying to make the perfect bra.

We started with everything we hated about current bras: their lack of support, the poking, the pinching, the lack of style options once you hit a certain cup size. We pulled out our sketch pads, our engineering and design oriented minds, and worked until something made sense.  We went through iteration after iteration, long night after long night until the one day we made a breakthrough.

So how does our story end? For us, its just beginning. We’re launching our Kickstarter April 22nd and after that, who knows what’s around the next bend. Follow our story for yourself, as we write a new chapter in bra history.

Trusst Lingerie - Suzanne - Quest _DSC0845 _DSC0973

3 thoughts on “Guest Post by Trusst Lingerie: A Fairytale Ending?

  1. So I checked out the website. I don’t see anything really new about this brand. They want to make wireless longlines. They claim to revolutionize things by putting 80% of the support on the band, which is how any well-fitting bra should distribute the weight of the breasts.

    1. I agree that having the band support the bulk of the weight isn’t revolutionary, but wireless longline bras that include up to a UK H cup and down to a 28 band (with larger cups coming soon) isn’t something I’ve seen before.

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