Review of Samanta’s Aurora in gray (style A922)

A little while ago, Samanta Lingerie contacted me about receiving a bra to review. After discussing the different styles, I decided to go for A922, the deepest (and also most full-coverage) of their styles. I had fallen in love with the Aurora in gray, which comes in the A922 style, and was available in a 70J. I was sent this gorgeous bra (and the matching bottoms in a size medium) and was absolutely delighted:

The bra:


The briefs:



Fit: I wasn’t quite sure what size to select, but the 70J wasn’t too far off. The band is a little looser than I’d like, but since it’s a 2-book band, I wouldn’t be comfortable in a 65. The cups might be a tiny bit larger than my breasts, but the top of the cup cuts in a tiny bit. (I generally have this issue with non-halfcup bras.) If the band were wider (4+ hooks), I would have preferred a 65K. The panties were totally fine in a size medium (I’m generally a small/medium in panties).


Comfort: The fabric was a little scratchier than I was expecting it to be (more like tulle than mesh), but it felt just fine while I wore it. (Edit: I haven’t yet washed it, but I’ve been told that the bra gets much softer after being washed.)

Looks: Goodness, this bra is gorgeous. I’ve been referring to it as my “fairy princess bra”. I’d be happier with it if it were lower-cut, but I selected it knowing that it was the most full-coverage style. I’m willing to compromise for gorgeous fabric. But seriously, I’d love to see more low-coverage styles available in higher cup sizes! The panties are gorgeous. Nothing more to say there.


Shape: It gave me a more “natural” look than my other bras, but I definitely felt like it did a good job of holding my boobs up. Not quite as pointy as some others, but not ultra-rounded.

Overall: This is a gorgeous bra, and is definitely deeper than most G+ cup bras (helpful for those of us who need deeper cups). The attention to detail is striking. I’m always happy to see beautiful and well-made large cup bras!



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