Why I suck at getting rid of bras I don’t wear

I’ve admitted this before: I have way more bras than I need.


(This is drawer 1 of 2. There are underwear/garter belts in there, too… but still. Eek. I can remember when I thought it was weird to own more than 1 or 2 bras at a time.)

There’s always the (semi-legit) excuse of “but my size fluctuates!”. That’s enough reason to keep at least a few bras in a few extra sizes.

But I have a few more excuses:

“I spent too much on that to sell it!” – Even if I’m lucky enough to get back what I spent on a NWT bra, I invariably lose money to PayPal fees and shipping. It adds up.

“But it’s GORGEOUS and I’ll never find another one like it!” – Often true, but goddamnit, I have too many bras that I never wear!

“But I lusted after this for months/years… I can’t just get rid of it now!” – Remember that 36DD Chantelle bra that I did major crazy bra-surgery on just because I had spent ages trying to track it down and ended up having to find a French vendor to special-order one for me? Yeah… I’m not a quitter. And I never impulse-buy bras. It takes me months (or more) of thinking to go after one I like, so by the time I get my hands on it, I’m pretty dedicated.

“I’m planning on wearing it, but it’s such a nice set… I don’t want to wear it out/mess it up” – Come on, really? You don’t buy things to keep them in a glass display case, do you?

“Oh, I’d totally wear that, but (insert problem here)” – Ugh. If everything in my bra drawer could magically turn into a longline with narrow wires, most of these issues would be solved. Considering just getting a few coordinating fabrics and seeing if I can make this happen. It’s a big investment, but it’d make a lot of currently-unwearable bras wearable again.

Those are my most common excuses. I did a clear-out recently, and picked 2 more bras to list… but I should have found more like 5-7. I have 3 bras on the way at the moment. Two are replacements for ones I’ve worn enough to break (which seems like a smart plan, since I know I’ll wear them), and one is a Comexim Longline, which I’m SUPER excited about (fingers crossed that it will fit!). I’ll do another clear-out once they arrive… but as you can see, I’m pretty clingy.