Bras, bras everywhere, but not one to wear…

I have too many bras.

I moved recently, so I had to pack everything and then unpack and try to fit my stuff into drawers… and it was a challenge.


I have a lot of different sizes going on… 26-32 bands, 30G-30J cups, all sorts of shapes… which is, I guess, fair, since my size does actually fluctuate quite a bit. Seriously, though, if I sold/donated the ones that don’t currently fit, I’d be screwed in like a week. (Thanks, body.) And I also have a bunch that are really more outerwear than innerwear, so that’s sort of explainable as well.

But all things considered, I still have a bunch of bras. I think back in my pre-well-fitted bra days I had 2-3 bras at a time? This feels like a crazy amount.

And yet somehow, there are some things I don’t have that could be considered huge gaps in a drawer of bras for all uses. I don’t have a strapless bra… which feels like a gaping hole, except that it’s freezing out now and I probably won’t even need one until next Spring now, if I ever end up needing one. I also don’t have a beige bra (got rid of my last one) or a proper T-shirt bra, but I reallllly don’t care about that.

The biggest thing I don’t have right now is a comfortable and supportive bra that I can wear for 14+ hrs while doing a fairly physically intense job… which brings me back to this post from almost a year ago. I have a sports bra now (which is good if I end up doing higher impact things), but I don’t quite need something to hold my boobs quite so flat against my chest. What I need is a truly longline bra (like the Freya longlines) with narrow/deep cups (like Comexim) and a band made of a sturdy elastic material (so not the classic construction of stretchy fabric with bitingly thin elastic at the bottom).

I got a 32G Freya Ivy longline secondhand and it’s doing the job for now… but it’s loose on the tightest hooks, the cups are too small, and the elastic on the bottom of the band is way too thin and ends up biting after I’ve been wearing it for 12 hrs. But what else is out there? If Comexim comes out with a longline with a comfy band, I’ll be in heaven. And honestly even if Freya longlines came in 30H or 28HH, things would be a lot better.

So while I’ve told myself “no more bras!”, I do have a pretty specific need right now. And even though the Freya longlines are quite far from perfect, I’m probably going to track down another cheap 32G longline (or two) so I can survive my job.