Fantasy wishlist…

In this post, I will tell you about all of the awesome things I want… that don’t currently exist for boobs.

A galaxy print bra/panty AND/OR bikini set with a print as beautiful as this handpainted panty:

244268_21Feb11_DSCF6460 244268_21Feb11_DSCF6457

Preferably Comexim.

A bra that actually manages to push my breasts up and in:


Like What Braologie was thinking, only with much narrower underwires and a fabric front-sling that pulls the cups together.

This shirt:


Maybe also in black/charcoal… or charcoal/black? Urkye, can you do this?

A dress like this (Nannette Lepore Heartstopper in Emerald) could look so great:

nannette1 nannette3

All I want is a full-bust dress that’s full of gorgeous details. I want to feel pretty, damnit.

Winter coats, like these:

il_570xN.497783319_o0t1 il_570xN.239950902

Fergies-Salvatore-Ferragamo-Double-Breasted-Wool-Coat l_men-s-leisure-stylish-double-breasted-wool-coat-m-xxl-b5b1

I want a coat that keeps me warm. As it stands, I either have a coat that doesn’t button past my waist… or that buttons but lets the cold air in up through the bottom due to it being a tent. But a few of these are made-to-measure, so if I have enough cash, I may go for it!

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