DD Atelier’s Mimosa Dress

I’ve been curious about DD Atelier for a while now. I’ve seen some really cute styles, but had been hesitant to order (per usual) due to being unsure about sizing. (I’m currently on the lookout for the DD Atelier Diva dress in an 80D/F or possibly 75D/F. If you see one, let me know!) When I saw someone selling their Mimosa dress, I jumped at the opportunity.

DD Atelier’s Mimosa dress is dreamy, floaty, and beautifully nymph-like:

printed_mimosa_dress-04 (1) printed_mimosa_dress-05

But I have very mixed feelings about this dress on me.

It’s absolutely gorgeous in every photo I’ve seen. It’s a really unique cut and print (and the dark green ties? super cool). I got plenty of compliments the times I’ve worn it…

But I think maybe it’s the wrong size? Or I need a thicker, more structurally stable fabric?

The V-neck becomes a U-neck on me, which might be okay, except that the top is wrap style, and the U-neck looks funky with the diagonal line coming down to the waist from it. Call me geometry-obsessed, but I just need it to be a V… and it isn’t, because my boobs are stretching it out.

I’d also love a little more waist definition. The ties should help with that, but thanks to my tummy shape, it always ends up migrating upward. Maybe I’ll sew on some loops to keep the ties in place? But the fit of the dress itself was kind of off. An 85F would be better in the top part, but I’d love the body of a 75. If this dress had been made in H sizes as well, an 80H might have been an okay compromise… but this only went up to an F.

The dress:

mimosaside mimosaside2mimosafront

The U-neck… my boobs look kind of droopy and sad :/



Anyway, this won’t stop me from wearing it. I love the dress, and, for the most part, love the way it looks/feels on me. Plus, it’s the summeriest dress I’ve ever owned.


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