My Urkye Order: Klasyk shirt and Tuba tops

For most of my life, I believed that I would never own a button-down shirt. While I loved the way they looked on people with smaller breasts and wished I could have one, I figured that it would be impossible to find one that actually fit me- and the tented look just doesn’t work for my figure. When I started hearing about companies that made blouses to fit bodies with larger breasts, I entertained the idea of maybe someday having a blouse. But I didn’t see any that I really loved, and I figured the sizing would be too difficult to figure out online.

Urkye’s button-downs totally changed that for me. When I saw this shirt, I fell in love:


Sizing was still a gamble. Per their size chart, (when I ordered), my waist was a 40 and my bust was a 42/44 000. I looked at a few reviews, and decided to go for the 40ooo.

Fresh out of the package, when I was a few lbs heavier (sorry the pleat is folded the wrong way!):


Sadly wrinkled (need to take an iron to it!) and a bit loose now that I’ve lost some weight:klasyk2

This photo shows how much looser the shirt is now. The underbust used to be more clearly defined:


I still love this blouse, but I’d be psyched if they made it in a 38 or 40 oooo. (Hint, hint.) I also need it to be a few inches longer. I have a long torso (mostly in my rise), though, so this length should be good for those with average torso length.

Onto the tuba tops:

When I got my tuba tops back in February, I didn’t love them that much. But now that it’s summer, I’m really enjoying them. They don’t give me nearly as much cleavage as I had hoped for, and they don’t really replace tank tops, but the fabric is comfy and soft… and it’s much cooler than a t-shirt. I bought quite a few sizes smaller than the size chart recommended (36oo/ooo instead of 40oo/ooo). My waist is more of a 38 now, but my bust is still supposedly a 42oo/ooo- nonetheless, I like the way that the 36oo/ooo fits.tuba tubaclose tubafront   tubaside2

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