Fantasy wishlist…

In this post, I will tell you about all of the awesome things I want… that don’t currently exist for boobs.

A galaxy print bra/panty AND/OR bikini set with a print as beautiful as this handpainted panty:

244268_21Feb11_DSCF6460 244268_21Feb11_DSCF6457

Preferably Comexim.

A bra that actually manages to push my breasts up and in:


Like What Braologie was thinking, only with much narrower underwires and a fabric front-sling that pulls the cups together.

This shirt:


Maybe also in black/charcoal… or charcoal/black? Urkye, can you do this?

A dress like this (Nannette Lepore Heartstopper in Emerald) could look so great:

nannette1 nannette3

All I want is a full-bust dress that’s full of gorgeous details. I want to feel pretty, damnit.

Winter coats, like these:

il_570xN.497783319_o0t1 il_570xN.239950902

Fergies-Salvatore-Ferragamo-Double-Breasted-Wool-Coat l_men-s-leisure-stylish-double-breasted-wool-coat-m-xxl-b5b1

I want a coat that keeps me warm. As it stands, I either have a coat that doesn’t button past my waist… or that buttons but lets the cold air in up through the bottom due to it being a tent. But a few of these are made-to-measure, so if I have enough cash, I may go for it!

DD Atelier’s Mimosa Dress

I’ve been curious about DD Atelier for a while now. I’ve seen some really cute styles, but had been hesitant to order (per usual) due to being unsure about sizing. (I’m currently on the lookout for the DD Atelier Diva dress in an 80D/F or possibly 75D/F. If you see one, let me know!) When I saw someone selling their Mimosa dress, I jumped at the opportunity.

DD Atelier’s Mimosa dress is dreamy, floaty, and beautifully nymph-like:

printed_mimosa_dress-04 (1) printed_mimosa_dress-05

But I have very mixed feelings about this dress on me.

It’s absolutely gorgeous in every photo I’ve seen. It’s a really unique cut and print (and the dark green ties? super cool). I got plenty of compliments the times I’ve worn it…

But I think maybe it’s the wrong size? Or I need a thicker, more structurally stable fabric?

The V-neck becomes a U-neck on me, which might be okay, except that the top is wrap style, and the U-neck looks funky with the diagonal line coming down to the waist from it. Call me geometry-obsessed, but I just need it to be a V… and it isn’t, because my boobs are stretching it out.

I’d also love a little more waist definition. The ties should help with that, but thanks to my tummy shape, it always ends up migrating upward. Maybe I’ll sew on some loops to keep the ties in place? But the fit of the dress itself was kind of off. An 85F would be better in the top part, but I’d love the body of a 75. If this dress had been made in H sizes as well, an 80H might have been an okay compromise… but this only went up to an F.

The dress:

mimosaside mimosaside2mimosafront

The U-neck… my boobs look kind of droopy and sad :/



Anyway, this won’t stop me from wearing it. I love the dress, and, for the most part, love the way it looks/feels on me. Plus, it’s the summeriest dress I’ve ever owned.


The Parfait Delphine is Divine

I haven’t talked about Parfait in a long while. Since my boobs play better with extremely narrow wires, I’ve been mostly wearing Comexim… but I did mention that I sometimes sacrifice the perfect fit for a really awesome bra, and Parfait offers quite a few awesome bras. The Casey is the best D+ moulded-cup bra I’ve ever tried, the Charlotte is gorgeous, and they release sets in absolutely gorgeous colours and exciting prints.

The one thing I am sad about is the size range (okay, and the underwire width). While the bands do run a bit small and some of the cups a bit big, most of their bras are still only available in 30-40 D-G. A lot of us were hoping that their size expansion (28-40 D-K) of the Charlotte, Alexis, and Sophia would be followed with a change in sizing for Parfait in general. Not so… at least not yet.

Despite the Delphine bra not being made in my proper size, when I saw promotional photos floating around the internet, I was so struck by the print that I absolutely had to try it. Here, you’ll see what I mean:

Delphine_HalfPadded Bra4121_Brief4103_Autumn Print 01 Delphine_WireBra4102_Hipster4105_Autumn Print 02Parfait was kind enough to offer a sample for review. Since I do sometimes sister-size to 32+ bands, I have found that a technically smaller cup sometimes works with a looser band. I was torn between a 32G and a 34G, and eventually decided on the 32G. I think I’m glad that I went with the 32G, as it seems to be the best compromise.

Fit: I went into this knowing I wouldn’t have a perfect fit. The band fits like a 30/32, and I’m currently more of a 28/30. The cups do actually run quite a bit large, but due to the silicone strip sewn to the top of the lace, the top section cuts into my upper tissue. Basically, this fits like a 30HH/32H. If they made a 30GG in this bra, it would probably work for me, minus the top of the upper lace section. I am planning to take in the band and remove the silicon strip and mesh underlayer, which should improve the fit. If the cups were narrower, that might also help solve part of the band and cup fit issues.


Comfort: This is yet another extremely comfortable bra from Parfait. The band is soft and nothing bites. Yay!

Looks: Oh goodness. This is a luscious bra. It also happens to be a PERFECT MATCH for Essie’s “Turquoise and Caicos”. The printed elastic straps are a neat detail. The only slightly odd thing is that the lace is significantly pinker in person than it appears in any of the promotional photos. It still goes well with the other material, but it was surprising. The only thing stopping this from being full-on Marie Antoinette is the construction. These fabrics on a bra like the Charlotte would be scrumptious!


delphineessie2Shape: I can never decide whether underwire width counts as shape or fit… these are fairly average wires, which means they are wider than I’d like. Definitely narrower than most UK brands, though. However, it’s important to note that the cups are still quite deep. Anyway, due to the width of the cups and tight upper section, I’m feel like my boobs are a little bit east-west and flattened at the tops. Not extremely, but it’s also not my favourite shape. This is a better shape for those with less upper fullness and medium-rooted breasts.

Overall: The print is really what gets me here. I’m also thrilled about how comfy it it. But if this fabric could be on a 30H Casey or 30HH/J Charlotte… or a bra with deep cups and narrow wires, I’d be over the moon.

Speaking of the Charlotte, here’s another upcoming Parfait bra that I’m VERY excited about: the Charlotte in a stunning pale ice blue, which will be available in sizes 28-40 D-K!

charlotte blue

My Urkye Order: Klasyk shirt and Tuba tops

For most of my life, I believed that I would never own a button-down shirt. While I loved the way they looked on people with smaller breasts and wished I could have one, I figured that it would be impossible to find one that actually fit me- and the tented look just doesn’t work for my figure. When I started hearing about companies that made blouses to fit bodies with larger breasts, I entertained the idea of maybe someday having a blouse. But I didn’t see any that I really loved, and I figured the sizing would be too difficult to figure out online.

Urkye’s button-downs totally changed that for me. When I saw this shirt, I fell in love:


Sizing was still a gamble. Per their size chart, (when I ordered), my waist was a 40 and my bust was a 42/44 000. I looked at a few reviews, and decided to go for the 40ooo.

Fresh out of the package, when I was a few lbs heavier (sorry the pleat is folded the wrong way!):


Sadly wrinkled (need to take an iron to it!) and a bit loose now that I’ve lost some weight:klasyk2

This photo shows how much looser the shirt is now. The underbust used to be more clearly defined:


I still love this blouse, but I’d be psyched if they made it in a 38 or 40 oooo. (Hint, hint.) I also need it to be a few inches longer. I have a long torso (mostly in my rise), though, so this length should be good for those with average torso length.

Onto the tuba tops:

When I got my tuba tops back in February, I didn’t love them that much. But now that it’s summer, I’m really enjoying them. They don’t give me nearly as much cleavage as I had hoped for, and they don’t really replace tank tops, but the fabric is comfy and soft… and it’s much cooler than a t-shirt. I bought quite a few sizes smaller than the size chart recommended (36oo/ooo instead of 40oo/ooo). My waist is more of a 38 now, but my bust is still supposedly a 42oo/ooo- nonetheless, I like the way that the 36oo/ooo fits.tuba tubaclose tubafront   tubaside2

Comexim Juliette and Green Velvet

This probably isn’t a surprise, but I love Comexim. I still occasionally try bras from other brands, but my boobs are actually happy with Comexim. So of course I’m thrilled to own what I consider to be some of the most gorgeous bras that Comexim has made: Iris, Juliette, and Green Velvet. After a bit of recent weight loss, I’m again closer to a 28 band than a 30/32. My 65K Comexim Iris (which was pretty snug for a while) is now comfortable… and my 65K Green Velvet (which was comfortably snug when I bought it) is now better on the middle or tightest hooks. The bands have relaxed slightly, but bras that were too tight (and left unworn in my drawer) are now comfortable, so it is a real size change. My Comexim size/customizations: 65K with the wires of a 60L (narrower) and reduced gore and cups. I will sometimes try a slightly different size (without the narrower wires and reduced gore and cups) if my “usual” isn’t available (buying secondhand, etc)… and I also take bratabase info into account, so if the band seems to run very snug, I’ll order a 70J and if it runs loose, I’ll consider a 60L. Onto the bras:


I lusted after this bra for ages, but by the time I was confident enough to place an order with Comexim, it was sold out. Luckily, I found someone selling their 70K Juliette.


Fit: Not only could I not get my usual customizations, the bra was a 70K rather than a 65K, which would normally be too big in both cups and band. But thanks to some extraordinarily tight fabric, the band is extremely snug… it’s actually tighter than either of my 65 Comexim bands. The cups are slightly too big, but my cup size fluctuates and I have cookies if needed. Basically, I can put it on and it will hold up my boobs- it’s an okay fit.


Without cookies, here’s the slight gap:

juliettegap juliettegore

Snug band with pretty stiff fabric, but I’ve only worn it twice, so it should relax a bit:

julietteside Size Consistency: Weirdly tight band- fits like a tight 28 rather than a 32. Cups are what I expected.

Comfort: This isn’t the softest fabric, but it gives great support.

Looks: This bra is why I fell in love with Comexim. I’d be happier if it were lower-cut, but c’est la vie. I may try to alter it, but I also don’t mind having a few high-cut bras.

Shape: Not quite as nice as my reduced cup/gore 65Ks, but the difference is minimal. Basically, if this were the right size and height, it’d look spectacular. As-is, it’s still pretty darn great.

Overall: I’m just sad it’s discontinued!

Green Velvet:


Fit: As I mentioned earlier, this band was a bit looser and softer than my 65K Iris. The cups are great, but the band is a little loose on me. As great as this looks on me, I could not manage to get a good photo of the front view. Sorry….

greenfrontOn the tightest hooks:

greenside2 greenside

Size Consistency: The band runs a bit looser than some others. I’d call this a fair 30/32 band.

Comfort: Soft and comfy. The fabrics feel wonderful against my skin, and the elastic seems relatively soft.


Looks: While Juliette is the reason I fell in love with Comexim, Green Velvet stole first place. It is so much nicer in person than any photo can show. The fabric is rich and saturated with colour, while still a dark forest green. The velvet floral patterns catch the light nicely, and the little velvet bows have a slightly olive hue. I was worried that I might regret this purchase, but after seeing it in person, I definitely don’t.

Shape: Thanks to the customizations, this is another true plunge! This has a tiny bit less lift than my Iris, but that may be due to a) the looser band and b) the looser straps. For some reason, I’ve tightened the straps on my Iris, but not on my Green Velvet… I may try to amend both.

Overall:  New favourite. Juliette and Iris, I still love you dearly… but Green Velvet is my favourite now.