More love for Polish things!

Okay, I’m stalling on the reviews, because moving is crazy and stressful and I honestly still don’t know where half of my stuff is… and I don’t really have enough space to get photos of things. :/

But I’m pleased to report that I did manage to get a Comexim Green Velvet:


It appears to be discontinued on the Comexim website, but it’s still in Wellfitting’s Amazon store (hence the link). My Green Velvet is the same size and customizations as my 65K Iris (narrower wires (the wires of a 60L) and shortened gore and cups). It fits like a dream and I love it. The band is slightly stertchier than the Iris and the elastic pinches a lot less (not sure why). Oh, and it’s visually and tactilely incredible!

I also ended up with a 70H Avocado Rococo:


First off, I wish this was green. Or burgundy. Or gold. The pink isn’t awful, but I’m just not feeling it. Anyway, the band is toward the looser end of comfortable for me, and definitely too small and wide in the cup (a bit of quadboob, floating gore, massively wide wires etc). In fact, the small cups may be causing the band to feel tighter than it is. A 65K/L would probably be a better fit, but the wires width would be even worse. All these issues aside, I rather like the 70H. I does to my boobs what the Curvy Kate Tease Me was supposed to do… lots of “cakes on a plate” cleavages, but without major flattening and East-West-ing. Plus, my sternum isn’t happy about always having underwires rubbing against it, so the floating gore is a nice change. And while narrower wires do fit me better, it is also nice to have them hit at a different spot from my Comexims that I’ve been wearing all the time.

Anyway, I’m slowly realizing that I’ve totally fallen for Poland… the bras, the clothes, the cabbage/sauerkraut pierogi. I’m not ready for monogamy yet- I’m sure there will be some very enticing offerings by Parfait, Fauve, Cleo, Masquerade, etc- but I just can’t see myself being truly happy with bras from anywhere but Poland. I should really wait at least until I’ve finished selling my ill-fitting bras before buying any more bras, but I’ve already started a list. Comexim is probably my best fit/shape, but I’m curious about Avocado and Ewa Bien, even if the wires might be too wide for me. This will probably continue to expand (Comexim keeps coming out with gorgeous new bras), but here is my current wishlist:

So let’s start with one that I missed (by like a day, I think)…

Ewa Bien Kirke in yellow/black:


Goodness, this is stunning. I never thought I’d be into a yellow bra, but wow this is incredible. I’d also dig this in green/black. I think a 65K or 70K would work, but I have no idea how their sizing works.

Comexim (and Anna Pardel?) Miss Pam:


I’m still unclear on what the deal is with the Anna Pardel collection, but I’m quite taken by Miss Pam. And I’m so impressed with the fit and shape and looks of Comexim bras in general, that this really shouldn’t be a risk… once I can afford it and figure out where to buy it.

Avocado Annick in Love:

annick in love


I like green, okay?! But seriously, this is a killer combination of colours, fabrics, and textures.


Avocado Nina:



I’m not sure what to call this colour… mushroom? I like sheer bras, and the satin detailing on this is really neat- the knot at the middle makes it look like a rope harness, but fancier.

Avocado Vedette:



This feels more classic (i.e. less experimental) than the other Avocado bras, but it’s still elegant without being boring.