Alterations: how to deal with awkwardly wide gores

So I managed to find time to fiddle with the gore on my Chantelle Icone. I removed the awkward strip of fabric that was holding the cups together, and sewed the underwires directly to each other. To deal with the awkwardness of the resulting band line (or lack thereof), I reattached the strip of fabric lower down.

It’s a quick post, and the photos aren’t great, but they do show the alteration. The results (before/padding removed/gore altered):



Padding removed:


Gore altered:IconeGore



Padding removed:


Gore altered:




Padding removed:


Gore altered:


Now if only I can find some navy or purple mesh… I might even make an inner sling! But even without that addition, this bra feels stable enough to wear out, and it no longer looks dumpy from the front. Success!

4 thoughts on “Alterations: how to deal with awkwardly wide gores

  1. You did a great job with the alteration! Sewing bras can be so fiddly, I often mess up or lose patience with bra alterations. Light beige mesh might work for the inner sling.

  2. Wow! You really succeeded in the alteration, it looks fantastic! I love alterations because of it allows a new life and purpose being given for something that could be ok condition-wise but just fits badly and looks completely awkwardly wrong. I think it’s nothing else than right! It’s always a waste when something useful gets thrown away i.e. for bad fit, and it’s a crime against your own self using an ill fitting bra!
    And at the same time you create something new and unique that no-one else has. AND you surely inspire others too!

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