Comexim Iris Review!

Though I had just ordered it, I decided to include this lovely bra in my Valentine’s Day wishlist… I was that excited about it! I placed my custom order for a 65K Iris bra with reduced cups and gore (and narrow wires) on January 16th. The ordering process was fairly painless. A friend from a facebook bra group was willing to help translate for me, which was extremely helpful, especially when making a custom order!

After hearing stories about how even non-custom orders from Poland can take ages to ship, I prepared for a long wait. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised (okay, no, I was ecstatic) when a package from Poland showed up on February 1st! I was even more ecstatic when I opened the packaged and tried the bra on- this bra is beautiful, beautifully made, soft as silk, and fits like a dream!

Why did I choose to have the bra made with reduced cups and gore and narrow underwires? About a year ago, I bought a cheap used Comexim Giselle in a 60L to gauge my size with the brand before ordering. Of course, being broke, it took me ages to actually place an order… and in that time, I managed to miss Juliette (still heartbroken about that one).

I actually stalled on writing this post, because I was waiting to get photos that show just how amazing it is… but taking photos of oneself is a challenge, and I don’t have a photographer on hand, so I’m posting this now with photos that don’t do it justice. Anyway, here are a few photos of this beautiful bra:

(It almost camouflages with my sheets…)


Best “front” view I could get (taking photos of oneself is a challenge, to say the least):IrisAngle

View from the top:IrisTop

The excellent cleavage:


The band (angles are a little odd, the band is actually more horizontal than it appears here):


Fit: The band is a little bit smaller than I would have expected, but I can wear it without an extender. The cups fit perfectly. I have a lot of upper tissue, and didn’t have any issues with the top of the cup cutting in, so it’s relatively open at the top.

Size Consistency: While I only have one other Comexim bra to compare this to, I looked at a lot of Bratabase measurements and asked people for some subjective reviews, too… and it seems like my experience was not uncommon. Cup size is very consistent with Comexim, but bands vary depending on how stretchy the material is.

Comfort: The foam padding, elastic, and lace fabric are all extremely soft. The band would be more comfortable if it stretched slightly more, but that’s more of a fit than comfort issue. ;)

Looks: The dark plum lace is really sophisticated, and it’s beautiful (both on and off), but I’d categorize this a relatively simple/plain bra, since it’s a simple plunge shape covered with a nice fabric (no added frills, geometric fabric details, unusual cup shape, etc). Simple and gorgeous.

Shape: This is a true plunge on me. Had I not ordered reduced cups and gore, I would have ended up with a full-coverage bra… it seems as though the models must be wearing loose bands and too-small cups, but I think this is an issue with almost every bra company (and that’s a post in itself). Anyway, it’s a great plunge, and the cups are extremely rounded.

Overall: This is one of my all-time favourite bras. I need narrow underwires and deep cups, which Comexim does quite well… and the option to customize is really helpful, too! As I mentioned in my Green-Things post, I hope to get a Green Velvet soon! I’m also really curious about the new half-cup bras that have been appearing on the website. If you’d like to order the Iris bra, you can do so on the Comexim website.

7 thoughts on “Comexim Iris Review!

  1. Hey, it looks like you’re having the same problems I was having about 9 months ago, it looks like you’re wearing your bra way too low (maybe because you can’t wear it at the correct height comfortably because the band is too tight or the cup is too big). Hopefully you can check out the fit of smaller cups worn at the correct height.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, this is not the issue, so the quick fix of larger band and smaller cup won’t work for me. I have a lot of immediate projection, so even bras with much looser bands and smaller cups sit a bit below my root. Luckily, the gap doesn’t bother me too much.

      1. I know what you mean by this, my boobs are the same. I’ve been wanting to dip my toe into the Comexim pool for awhile, but just haven’t had the finances nor confidence in what size I would be. I also have my eye on the green velvet!

  2. I tried this in a 60L with the raised gore, definitely did not work for me. I just found it again on Bratabase in a 60K and I jumped on it. Seriously, dream bra. I’ll wear it with some slight for problems, I don’t even care.
    I’ve tried a few Comexim now, and have only found one to be a decent fit. There is a bit of inconsistency with band stretch, gore heights, and the cup coverage at the top where it joins the straps. Even with special orders. I’ve found that it only creates an appearance issue not a discomfort issue. There may be obvious fit problems that make it unwearable (spilling out the middle), but it’s still comfortable to wear, unless the band is tight. Comexim is definitely a brand with quirks for fit, but it’s so worth it.
    I can’t wait to get my Iris so we can compare.

  3. Busted bra shop in Detroit, Michigan, now carries Anna Pardal bras, by Comexim. My web site isn’t great, but my Facebook page has lots of activity and pics. Bustedindetroit on Facebook and Twitter. Just thought you would like to know that we have a deep inventory and are ordering more for our customers.

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