No shamrock shakes for me, but lingerie in shades of green is delightful!

I hate mint flavoured foods- mint chocolate totally grosses me out, and a mint milkshake? Eww. I think it’s because I associate the taste of mint with clean teeth. Mint tea and peppermint candies are fine, but the feel of food on my teeth combined with the taste of mint just isn’t a pleasant thing to me. So the other day when I cringed at signs advertising the yearly McDonald’s “shamrock shake”, it dawned on me that St. Patrick’s day (and the resulting wave of green things) was approaching.

Now I’m not advocating for the cheesy shamrock printed faux-corsets, sparkly green one-size-fits all bras, and other novelty lingerie (that’s just not my thing)… but it did get me thinking about green lingerie in general. I think it’s safe to guess that the colours most people associate with lingerie are black, red, pink, white, and maybe purple. Why not green? Truth be told, there isn’t a lot of green lingerie out there. It’s not thought of as a “sexy” colour, and we all know that big lingerie brands (I’m looking at you, VS!) put sexy above all. But green can be sexy… and lingerie doesn’t need to be sexy!

Thus, I present a list of gorgeous green lingerie:

Oscar de la Renta Green Lace Trim Charmeuse Robe (sold out)


Of course, it’s sold out now… but what a lovely green silk robe.

Kiss Me Deadly Emerald DeVille collection (via Kiss Me Deadly)

kmdskirt kmdstockings

The bra is only available in 32B-38DD, but the briefs, corsetsuspender skirt, and stockings should work for most of my readers! (If you’re lucky enough to fit into the bra size range, I envy you!)

Claudette En Dentelle in Intense Green (discontinued, but they’re still around on some websites)

claudette intense green

It’s a gorgeous bra, available in sizes 30-38 A-G. I tried this in a 32G over the summer and it really, really didn’t work out for me. I think it was partly an issue with shape compatability…  but the bra didn’t feel too sturdy, so I wouldn’t recommend it for heavier breasts. I can see this bra working really well for smaller cup volumes, though!

Figleaves Boudoir Tease Silk and Lace set in Emerald ($178 via Figleaves)


I haven’t tried it, but I keep eyeing it. Available in sizes 30-36 B-G (though, oddly, there are two listings for this bra on the Figleaves website, each listing different sizes available), this demi-bra is a refreshing change from the full coverage bras usually available for larger busts. Since I haven’t tried it, I don’t know whether the larger cup sizes are well proportioned (even “demi” bras are often actually full-coverage in larger sizes), but reviews on the Figleaves website leave me hopeful.

Fauve Bronte longline set in Pistachio (~$250, not available yet)


The Fauve Bronte made it onto my Valentine’s Day wishlist in the silver/creme colourway, and it’s back again in Pistachio! This stunning set is available in sizes 30D-G, and 32-38 B-G. Since longline bands fit smaller and give more support than thinner bands (I did try a Freya 32G longline in a store recently), I think the 34G might be okay for this bra, so I may not be entirely sized out! It also comes in Jade (a jade/black combo)… which just doesn’t really do it for me. But the Pistachio colourway is fabulous and exciting! The creme lace with the chartreuse is a stunning and very spring-like combination.

Comexim Green Velvet set (~$55 plus shipping via Comexim)


The set that inspired the list: Comexim’s Green Velvet. It’s available in a whole host of ready to order sizes on their website, and you can order custom sizes, too! (Be advised: custom orders are non-returnable.) Because of this, this is also the only bra I’ve listed here that I’m not technically sized out of. Now I could easily start a rant about how frustrating it is that companies assume that people with larger breasts don’t want beautiful lingerie, but that’s really another post altogether. Anyway, I’ve still yet to review the custom Iris I received (spoiler alert: it is incredible!), but I’d love for this to be my next Comexim set. It’s been around for a while, but I keep thinking about it. Plus, with the quality, great shape, and fit customization of Comexim bras, it’s definitely going to look great!

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