What I want in a bra

Over the past few years, I’ve tried countless bras… very few have actually fit me. It’s not a sizing issue as much as a shape/construction issue. Here are some of the things I’d love to see in a bra:

1. Deep cups and narrow underwires. As cup sizes go up, the cup takes up more and more of the band (a 30H has less band than a 30G). While I have breast tissue farther back than VS thinks, my boobs don’t wrap all the way around my torso! If I want a bra that contains my breasts, the wires usually end up almost at my back… and a bunch of the cup is empty and effectively part of the band. This isn’t solved by a larger band and smaller cup, as then the band is just too big (and the cup is still too small). I still want a small band… I just my cups to project outward, like my boobs do!

2. Shorter cups. Similar issue. It seems like designers think that boobs expand in every direction other than out. Sometimes it feels like the only difference between a 30GG and a 30H is how tall the cups are. I have big breasts, but I don’t need a bra that goes up to my collarbones…

3. Cups with immediate projection. I’d like my boobs to actually sit in the bottom of the cup for once. That’d be real nice.

4. Smaller gores and cups/wires angled inward. I don’t want my bra to pull me east-west. I want a bra that holds my breasts up and pushes them together a bit. I want my cleavage, damnit. I’d really love a G+ push-up bra. :)

5. Longline bands, 4+ rows of hooks. Why do I only see longline bands in smaller cups!?!? If most of the support is coming from the band, then longline should be an obvious solution for heavier breasts! I see them all the time in the B, C, and sometimes D cups… and occasionally up to a G-cup with Freya. But why stop there? Let’s see some GG+ longlines, please.

6. A band that extends below the cups. My boobs start high on my chest. Cups that dip lower than the band pull my breasts downward, which is really not what I want from a bra.

7. A band made of one material, with the same tension throughout. I’m so sick of bands that fit, but cut in due to sharp, thin elastic at the edges of a much looser fabric. Give me one thick elastic as the band! Or a stretch satin with no elastic at the edges! Really, that would be amazingly comfortable.

As soon as I find a place to live, I plan to make my dream bra out of an old and almost totally destroyed Ewa Michalak half-cup bra and some gold stretch satin. Wish me luck? (I welcome anyone who has helpful bra-making links to share them with me!)