A Review of Parfait’s Recent Size Expansion – 30H Charlotte!

So it’s no secret that I love Parfait. I’ve gushed about their bras more than a few times here… even though they didn’t really fit. I sent a request (or 5) to the company to expand their size range and crossed my fingers. Other bloggers and customers did the same.

While I was hoping that the Casey (like the Deco, but better) would be the first bra available in larger cup sizes, I’m not at all disappointed that the Charlotte was first in line, along with the Alexis babydoll and Sophia bra. I’d been wanting to try the Charlotte for ages, but had heard that the cups ran small, so even a 32G (my usual trying-to-make-parfait-work size) wouldn’t have worked. Thus, I was very excited to hear that Parfait was going to expand the size range of the Charlotte to 28-40 D-K!


(Sorry for the not-great photo… I’m currently staying in a friend’s dorm room!)

When Parfait asked me to review the Charlotte, I had no idea what size to order. I heard that the bra (after working out the new sizes) now ran true to size, so I thought I’d try ordering my current average size: 30H. And I’m happy to say that that was the right call! The 30H fits quite well. There is some space in the bottom of the cup, as well as some overspill at the top, but a 30HH wouldn’t really fix that, as the issue is with cup-depth.

charlotteside charlottequad


Speaking of which, the underwires on this bra are narrow and the cups are deeper than other US and UK brands. I could have used a bit more depth toward the center of the bra (right around the gore), but this is probably the deepest-cupped non-Polish bra I’ve seen!

The band has 4 rows of hooks and is extremely supportive. It runs slightly snug (my ribcage is 28.5 inches and the 30 fits well) and is supportive enough that I could probably hack the straps off this bra and wear it as a strapless (with some minor adjustments to the top of the cup).

charlottefront1 charlottefront2

I’m in love with the fabric and design- I chose dusty rose and I’m glad I did. I don’t usually like pink, but the rose color is muted and looks great with my pale yellowish skin. It’s really sophisticated and, wow, I want it to be seen! I’d consider wearing it under a sheer lace top.

Wow, this bra…

Good job, Parfait! I’m really excited to see the more bras in the extended size range!

11 thoughts on “A Review of Parfait’s Recent Size Expansion – 30H Charlotte!

  1. I tried my the higher size of my in-betweens and was popping out a good deal towards the center gore, which seems to be a known phenomenon for the redesigned Charlotte. I ordered one cup up to see if that solves the problem. I’m not too optimistic based on your review (I can’t keep the smaller size because of noticeable shirt lumpiness), but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    1. Yeah, I definitely need more space in the cup near the center gore. I probably can’t wear it under high necklines, but it worked well with my tank top and looked great when I tried it with a V-neck.

  2. That’s funny that you found it deeper as a lot of people said it was more shallow.I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews as to how sizing is and cup depth and everything,makes me nervous to try it,but I guess I’ll just have to take the plunge and see.haha.

  3. I know I’m a little late to the party but I just got this bra and as a 40G-GG with a lot of bottom fullness, I have to say I ADORE this bra. I have such a difficult time finding anything in my size that’s remotely close to pretty and comfortable and gives me a nice shape let alone a KNOCK OUT BEAUTY like this. I am 43 and have nursed 3 babies for extended periods of time so my breast tissue just isn’t as firm as it once was and this bra brings the girls front and center.

    1. I love this bra, too! It’s comfy, sexy, elegant, and well-shaped! So I’m pretty bummed that it doesn’t fit anymore. :( The 30H was a little small for me when I got it this summer… and now that I’ve grown a size or two, it’s way too small for me to wear.

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