Curvy Kate Entice, take 3

Okay, so I really wanted this to work. So when I saw a 30H on zulily, I jumped at it. I originally wanted a 30HH, but the 30H was the closest thing available.

The 30H was miles better than the 28HH… and the band was better than the 28J. While I could successfully stuff myself into the cups, moving did make me pop out quite a bit… so I think a 30HH would have been optimal.

Here’s how it looked:

30HHfront 30HHside30HHentice

Not bad, eh?

Look, here’s a photo of me with 4 fingers under the band. (Seriously, if you are going to send me snarky comments about how my bands are too small, please don’t waste your breath or my time. I’m obviously only going to wear what I’m comfortable in.)


Except that playing with the band revealed that the cups were actually still too small. I totally popped out.. and did not settle back in. :/ The cups are definitely too shallow for my shape- you can see some empty space at the bottom and I definitely feel like my boobs are being smashed against my chest. (EM bras, by contrast, fit me really well. I guess I just need deep cups.)


I think I’ll probably end up wearing it anyway… I just won’t move too much. I may try to alter the gore (which also adds space to the cups!), which could help things.

3 thoughts on “Curvy Kate Entice, take 3

  1. “I think I’ll probably end up wearing it anyway… I just won’t move too much.”

    Sigh, I relate far too much to that sentiment. It’s a shame you haven’t found a good fit, it’s a lovely looking bra.

  2. I think the Entice is just really shallow. I think I had to go up 4 or 5 cup sizes when I tried it just to counter the shallowness. It must be fabulous on people who need shallow cups. I’m not too gutted it didn’t work for me, because although it is really pretty, it has the same name as an ex-boyfriend (gamertag, not real name lol) so it always reminds me of him! I hope you get lots of good wear out of it.

  3. I have the same problem with the Tease me, the cups are shallow, and I am wearing a 28J, I find the band and straps are stretchy, and I could probably use a 26 band. But I adore the way the bra looks :)

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