Curvy Kate Tease Me take 2!

I fell in love with the Tease Me in powder blue, but, sadly, only managed to get one in a 28H… which was too small. I wore it a lot, until my breasts grew again. It’s now miles too small, and has been languishing in my drawer, waiting for my boobs to shrink again.

I wanted to give it a try in a better size, though, so I recently acquired a used 28HH (sadly not blue) Tease Me. It still cuts in slightly, but the lace at the top does a good job of hiding it, and I think the 28HH works pretty well for me. I got the matching garter shorts (not used), too!


Front (not the best front photo… sorry!)


You can see the overflow here:


And the shorts! The ruffle is really cute, though somewhat impractical.


Comfort: Quite comfy. Some people use this as a sleep bra… I’m not sure it’s that comfy, but it definitely is one of the more comfortable bras I’ve owned.

Looks: Gorgeous. This is my favourite Curvy Kate style. I just wish it were the powder blue one…

Shape: The shape is great. Very lifted and rounded. The cups are a little far apart and wide for me, though.

Overall: I think the 28HH works pretty well on me. I’m vaguely considering altering the gore so as to bring the cups closer together (underwires always manage to sit on my tissue!), but it’s okay as-is, so I may let laziness get the better of me. Anyway, it’s a really lovely style. Curvy Kate has discontinued the Showgirls line so they can make the sizing more consistent, but I really, really hope they bring back this style when they launch a new line of sexy bras. :)

(FYI: I’m still hoping to come across a 28HH, 28J, 30H, or 30HH powder blue Tease Me.)

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