Bra shops in Ireland


I recently returned from Ireland with my choir. (Couldn’t resist including a photo of the gorgeous scenery!) The trip was fun! I didn’t have a lot of free time, but, since I am always interested in seeing the bra stores available in cities, I did make sure to check out the shops.

Dublin: I saw a few things listed, but only had time to check out one place. I decided to check out Bramora and I am really glad I did! I’ll be writing a review of the shop in a separate post.

Galway: There were a few places in the city and I managed to check out 3: Elegant Undies, La Femme (by Anthony Ryans), and Change Lingerie.

  • Elegant Undies– bands start at 30 (even though most of the bands they carry start at 28 bands) and cups only up to G (the person helping me did find one 30GG, though). I didn’t get any weird looks when I asked for a 28HH or 30GG, which is a giant plus. Not sure of fitting abilities, since I didn’t have time to get fitted. I tried on the Panache sports bra in a 30G, which was too small in the cup) and they suggested I try a 32G, since the band ran tight anyway. The 32G felt alright, but I think I’d want it in a 30H (with extender) or 32GG.  The shop was small, but they did have a decent selection of bikinis. Oh, it’s also in a mall, which is kind of interesting.
  • La Femme– similar size range (though they did have a few larger cups). I tried on the Wonderbra strapless bra in a 32G (hoping the band ran small), but the cups were too small and the band was loose even on the tightest hooks. The fitter said I could get away with it if I needed a strapless, but stressed that it was my body and I should wear what I feel comfortable in.
  • Change Lingerie– this is up there in my top 3 worst experiences in lingerie stores. I walked in and asked if they had anything in a 30GG, but the person working there would not let me try on bras before she “fitted” me. She “fitted” me as a 36G (EU sizing… like a UK 36F). Curiously, she measured me with my bra and clothing on and I never even felt the measuring tape touch my ribcage. When I mentioned that I was currently wearing a UK 28H, she said that it was “impossible” because I am a 36G. When I asked if she would just bring me bras in a 30 band to try on, she refused. She brought me a few 32Gs and 34Gs (all way too small in the cup, since she’d measured me as a 36G) and claimed that the cups fit wrong because the band was too tight. I explained that it would be impossible for me to fasten a 28 band if I really needed a 36 and finally convinced her to bring me 32s in larger cup sizes. (She brought some 34s, too.) The 32H was too loose even on the tightest hooks and too small in the cup. I gave up and left. This is really odd, since their website uses +0 sizing method and asks for a tight underbust measurement. According to the website, I need a 65J… which is a 30J… which the fitter would not let me try on.

Whoo. Sorry about that long-winded rant about Change Lingerie. It’s a shame- the bras are cute and the website seems to have decent information on fit. Anyway, if you can make it to Dublin, check out Bramora! If you can only get to Galway, I’d recommend Elegant Undies or La Femme, but the selection is limited.

One thought on “Bra shops in Ireland

  1. That experience sounds really perplexing. She couldn’t even take a look at the bra you were currently wearing to compare it to the options she was bringing you? Bizarre. Sounds like your other experiences were with shops that are better at, you know, listening to their customers. Welcome back from your trip, and I hope you had an otherwise amazing time!

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