Things to come (again)

I just got back from my choir’s tour to Ireland!

I took the opportunity to check out some bra shops while I was there and will be posting reviews soon! (Spoiler: one was outstanding, some were mediocre, and one was downright terrible!)

I also have a bunch of bras in my review queue, so those are on their way as well!

3 thoughts on “Things to come (again)

  1. i live in Ireland, but get all my bras in Bravissimo as I am a 32J. There seems to be a good choice if one is a H cup or below, but above a H means one has very limited options. So I am extremely interested in hearing your experiences as I would so love to find a good lingerie shop here.

    1. I’d seriously recommend Bramora in Dublin (if you can get there)… or their website. It’s a tiny shop, so they don’t have too many things in the store, but they can order things if they don’t have the right size/style. I saw a few J cup bras when I dropped by.

      1. Yes, I’ve heard great things about them and even wrote to them. However, they only have a handful of bras in my size. :( What I really want is a choice like I get at Bravissimo: there are 56 bras in my size there. I’m not looking for that many from a small boutique, but Bramora only had four in my size, and of those four three were the same bra in various colours.

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