A fitted slip: my first major sewing project

I don’t like following patterns.

I’m a bit proud of my spatial reasoning skills and, anyway, there’s no way I’d be able to make a conventional pattern work for my boobs. Also, I wanted to make a 1930s-ish gown/slip-thing out of a stretch satin fabric… to fit over a(n admittedly too-small) 30G Parfait Jeanie bra. So, yeah, there was no way in hell that a pattern was going to work anyway.

But rather than looking at similar patterns and then drafting my own, I kind of just decided to wing it. I drew a quick sketch of my planned dress and then started sewing. My though process was thus: “Okay, so I need to sew a tube (ribcage-floor) and then take it in at the waist, sew cups and attach them, sew straps and attach them, and then add godets to the skirt. Simple.”

It didn’t end up being so simple. The godets were a pain in the arse and the cups… well, I ended up just cutting random shapes that somehow made a 3-part seamed cup (I had some luck). But I got through it!

Looking at it now, I wish the seams were neater, I wish I’d put the cups in straighter, I wish I’d made the cups a bit more covering, etc. But I’ve worn it… multiple times. I’ve received a lot of compliments on it, too!

I was too caught up in the “joys” of sewing to take progress pics…  and I don’t have any good full-length shots that really show the skirt, but here are a few pictures of the finished product:

slip full 1 slip side 3

slip front 1

slip side 2slip side 1

5 thoughts on “A fitted slip: my first major sewing project

    1. If you have any suggestions for cup patterns, I’d love to hear them! I just didn’t find any patterns that would have worked for what I wanted. :/ My main issues with the cups were a) hemming them too aggressively, b) inserting them into the “band” part of the slip/dress.

  1. I think it’s lovely. Are there inner wires or anything holding up the cups? Or is it just that supportive? Or do you just have really delightfully perky boobs? Don’t answer that if you don’t want to. :)

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