Curvy Kate Entice, take 2

I tried a 28HH Curvy Kate entice recently, and found that it really didn’t fit. But since it’s such a gorgeous bra, I wanted to give it another change, so when it showed up on zulily again, I bought it in a 28J (30HH was not available).

Before even trying it on, I was really disappointed to see that the stitching detail was messed up (and unfixable, since it’s under the sheer part) and also that the pattern was not well matched on the cups, giving it a really sloppy appearance. The 28HH, on the other hand, looked really neatly tailored. I don’t know how to account for the difference. I was also surprised to see that the stitching at the strap was partially undone, so the strap isn’t even attached to the bra. (Side note: I contacted zulily customer service about the issue and they were wonderful about it!)

But despite the strap issues, I did manage to try the 28J on, so I could check the fit. I took photos of the 28HH at the same time, to compare the fit more exactly.

Cup fit: The 28J is better, but the wires are very wide. And yes, I did pull this up all the way right before taking the picture. The cups are very shallow and I think my breasts manage to push their way back up almost immediately. (Deep cups with open tops tend to work best on me.)


28HH side 2


28J side

Band: The 28HH has a slightly (~1 inch) longer band than the 28J, which is odd. The 28 is a firm 28. I can wear it, but I think it’d be more comfortable once it’s been worn a few times. And the 30 seems like it would have been too big after a few wears.

Strap placement: This was WEIRD. In the front of both bras, the straps came quite close to my armpits, which doesn’t bother me too much… but in the back, the straps of the 28J were almost in my armpit. The straps on the back of 28HH at least come back far enough to give some support, but the the straps on the 28J seemed like useless loops around my armpits. The bra may as well have been strapless! I’m very confused about this.

In this picture, I’m bringing my shoulders/arms pretty far forward, and you can still see how much they veer into the armpit area. If I let my arms fall normally, the ring on the strap is covered by my arm:

28J strap

Attention to details/Craftsmanship: Inconsistent.

The 28HH bra is gorgeous. The stripes could be better matched, but it’s not painfully obvious:

28HH front

The 28J, on the other hand…

28J front 2

Well, the stripes are more obviously mis-matched (okay, maybe only more obviously to me). And the lump of thread under the sheer overlay isn’t too classy. :/

Overall: The 28J is a better fit, but the strap placement and cup shape are just too weird to work for me. If this shape were close to the Tease Me style, it would be amazing. But also, the sizing is very inconsistent: a 28J is pretty far out of my size range. So anyway, odd shape and odd fit, but if the shape works for you and you can find a size that fits, go for it! It’s really gorgeous…

FYI: I’m selling the 28HH, if anyone is interested!

2 thoughts on “Curvy Kate Entice, take 2

  1. I picked one up in the same sale and had some similar issues. (Mine is the nude and ivory version)

    I bought it in a 32HH based on my experience with the Fleurty — I’d ordered up a cup in it and it was fine. Center gore didn’t tack, but it was wearable.

    I definitely should have ordered a 32J, but I didn’t even think I’d need to order up two cups! My fit looks just like your 28HH. Quad boob all over the place, and the apex is definitely in the very wrong spot despite having the wires pulled up far enough. It really confuses me actually! On top of that, in my 32HH the wires are too narrow, which was a huge shock to me. I do have wide boobs, but still. The straps were fine on me, but I’m broad shouldered. Back was perfectr, front was a bit in my armpit but not any more than any other bra is on me when I get it to fit the width of my boobs!

    The cup is definitely too shallow for me though, especially with my combination of having a lot of lower fullness but a ton of tissue up top. I am sad. I love this bra.

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