Deadly Dames Film Noir Dress!

So I’ve had my eye on this dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing for a while now… the Deadly Dames Film Noir dress in rusty rose:


By a while, I mean well over a year. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’re probably already aware that, as a starving college student, I am quite thrifty… and, thus, tend to do more window shopping than actual shopping. But I needed a dress for my thesis performance and had been in love with this dress for a long time, so when infamous Black Friday came around and a 35% off coupon presented itself to me, I started thinking about it again. Amazingly (because almost never happens), my mother was willing to buy it for me.

According to the size chart, I should need a small in the waist and a large in the top. I considered a medium, but the website advised: “if you are between sizes we suggest that you order down if you desire a more snug fit like in the photos. We also suggest wearing like colored undergarments with this dress.” After buying the dress in a small, I found a bunch of photos/reviews on Pinup Girl Style and was a bit nervous to note that most the people who looked about my size had ordered the dress in either medium or large. But the deed was done and, I figured, the worse case scenario was that I would have to exchange it for another size. Plus, I have been losing weight and would rather have a dress that is slightly snug than one that I would hope to be too small for soon.

The dress shipped quite quickly and, upon opening the package, I was immediately struck by the quality of the velvet. THIS IS THE SOFTEST VELVET DRESS THAT I HAVE EVER FELT. I was worried that the velvet would be iffy-quality (part of my reason for choosing a light colour- cheap velvets are worse in dark colours), but it’s wonderful and I would seriously consider buying this in black or emerald (though I wish they had a burgundy or plum colour). Basically, I’m a huge fan of velvet dresses and would gladly fill my closet with them.

I did notice that the dress was tiny and I was worried that it would be way too small. But, lo and behold, the stretch velvet is quite stretchy. The small fit wonderfully. I wanted a snug dress (like in the photos) and I’m glad that I went for the small instead of a medium or large.

My crappy mac photobooth pictures don’t do the colour (or texture) justice, but here’s how it fits:

noir front 4noir front 3noir side 2noir side 1noir top 3noir top 1noir top 2

The weirdness of the lighting and the angle at which I took these made my cleavage invisible, but I assure you, it was there. but the magic of this dress is that, due to its stretchiness and mostly-unattached cowl, you can choose how much cleavage you want to show.

NB: The actual colour is somewhere in the triangle between the stock photo, my too-much-light-photo at the end, and my darker photos.