Keia (Ruby Pink) Isabella Bra

I had seen this bra around and was curious about it, since it looked like it might fit similarly to the Parfait Casey. I couldn’t find a clear picture of the band, though, and was worried that it might also fit like the Full-filled “mystery” bra that I tried recently.

When I found a it in a nude 30GG on eBay, I decided that it was worth trying. It took forever to ship, since I bought it from England, so I was very excited when it finally arrived.

Unfortunately, it fit pretty much exactly like the “mystery” bra. Compare Isabella with the “mystery” bra…


“Mystery” bra:

Though the underwires do not technically dip below the band, the band itself is shaped so that the cups are not in a straight line with the band. Here’s a clarifying image:

Fit: New, the band fits about a size small, but the material seems like it would stretch out quickly. The cups are the right volume, but the shape means that there is empty space in the bottom and a good amount of quad-boob at the top. Sigh.

Comfort: The bra seems fairly well made and seemed comfortable when I tried it on. It seems like it might be less breathable than some other bras.

Looks: The fabric is kind of apricot-coloured. The bra is simple and pretty.

Shape: Because the configuration of the underwire/band isn’t right for me, the cups sit below my breasts and also pull my breasts down and out- not a pretty sight. The cups are pretty rounded, though, and look like they would give a great shape on someone with less high-set breasts.


Band fit:

Overall: I like it and wish it worked for me. If I could just move the underwires, it would be great! If low underwires are fine for you, it will probably work out well.

PS: It’s listed on Bratabase!

5 thoughts on “Keia (Ruby Pink) Isabella Bra

      1. I have the same problem with my Panache Confetti Underwire. The wires are too wide, I get quadboobing AND empty space on the bottom. I can fill it out alright when I hold the cups up, too, and the quadboobing went away when I took in the center gore. At least try pinching the center gore and see if it takes your quadboobing away?

        Not saying I’m right and you’re wrong about your bra since you could be right (I have smaller boobs, maybe it IS a different problem), but give it a shot at least! :P

        1. Pinching the center gore would probably help, but there isn’t enough slack in the band. :/

          The wires being low is definitely part of it, but the wire width is also an issue; the cups are never deep enough and the wires go back slightly farther than they need to. I think the best shape for my body would be a bra with narrow underwires and a band that runs under the cups. I’m planning to try EM or Comexim bras at some point soon… I just need to figure out what size to get!

          1. oh poops :( I forget, the altered 28DDs work for me because I’m a 24 band :/

            Tell me how if the EM wires really do go narrower, if you try them. I know we’re in far different sizing, but almost no one in my range posts EM bras to bratabase!

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