I didn’t own a set of lingerie until about a year ago. Since they were really uncomfortable and never looked right (because they were ill-fitting), I didn’t care much about bras and never thought to buy matching panties. Even once I started getting interested in bras, it still took me about a year to even consider purchasing a set… and even now, I have yet to buy a set together… I generally buy the bra first, see if I like it, and then order the matching panties if I happen to find them cheap somewhere.

I currently own 4 sets:

Chantelle Icone (36DD, padding removed, altered to 28GG; S)

The cups are too small for me to wear with clothing, but this works in the bedroom. It’s navy mesh with plum embroidery and is super, super pretty.

Masquerade/Harlequin Tiffany (32G, altered to 28H; S)


The cups kind of fold under the weight of my breasts (thicker straps might help?) and the band rides up slightly (possibly due to altering it unevenly), but it’s definitely wearable.

Curvy Kate Tease Me (28H; M)


The cups are a size too small, but it’s wearable with tank tops. The panties run quite small and the medium is smaller than smalls in most other brands.

Cleo Sasha (30GG; S)

This is the only non-padded bra that I currently own and I love it. The print is gorgeous! As for fit, the cups are fine, but the band is too loose, even on the tightest hooks. I’m planning to alter it soon.

3 thoughts on “Sets

  1. I’m so jealous that you have the Icone in that color! I learned about it at Curve last year, but every time I tried to find it after that, the saleslady would look at me like I was crazy.

    1. I fell in love with that colour in the padded version, but found that it (the padded version) was only available in europe. I ended up asking a europe-based eBay seller who had a 36B for sale if they could find the bra in a 36DD (should have tried a 38DD for volume, but that band would have been even worse to alter). They ended up getting the bra from the manufacturer and selling it to me via eBay. It was a complicated process, but I really fell in love with that colour…

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