Current Size

So I’ve lost a few more pounds (my ribcage is now 28 inches) and, along with it, about half a cup size. At the moment, a 28H seems to be the best-fitting size for most bras (28HH is better for bras like Curvy Kate Tease Me).

Here’s a 28H (worn on tightest hooks) Tease Me that I got this summer:

This is what it looks like once I’ve been wearing it for a while. (The red mark is due to my terrible habit of slouching.) I’m coming out of the top of the cup and a 28HH would be a lot better… but it’s a comfy bra and I wear it with tank tops/other shirts that don’t show the quad-boob. Anyway, I didn’t review it because I knew I was buying a too-small bra and didn’t feel quite right trying to review something that I knew wouldn’t fit. If it’s any help, I’d totally buy this bra again in a 28HH!

Anyway, I’m waiting for a few things to come in the mail (none of which are 28Hs… I’ll have to alter some bands), so there are some reviews coming up!


4 thoughts on “Current Size

  1. I have a completely random question.. what are those oh so pretty lights you have? In those tease me pics and the fulfilled t shirt bra pics they’re in the background and they’re so soft and fairy like! :3

    1. Thanks! I’m fairly proud of the lights, actually. They are just normal holiday lights that I taped to my (slanted) ceiling in patterns. I used white duct tape (and I am constantly re-taping, as it isn’t sticky enough) to hang the lights in spiral-ish shapes.

      1. Ohh wow thanks, I would have never thought of that! By holiday lights you mean those LED strands used for decorating? Anywho I just loooove them. :)

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