I guess I like garter belts…

It’s probably abundantly clear that, as a starving college student, I tend to be quite frugal. I had a pair of tights that I loved  to death. While the legs were mostly intact (or at least fixable), the waistband/crotch was made of a more delicate (nylons-ish) material and had become utterly shredded. Unwilling to part with my beloved tights without at least putting up a fight, I grabbed a pair of scissors and decided to make stockings. The experiment went well.

But after doing this, I realized that I didn’t actually own a garter belt. (If you give a mouse a cookie…) I decided to try to make one and started searching for the non-fabric parts. As I was searching for the non-fabric parts, I found a really cheap ($4.99) and pretty lace garter belt on eBay and decided to give it a shot (I also bought a cheap and ugly beige garter belt so I could use the parts to make something prettier). I figured that the cost of the garter belt would be worth the amount I would be saving in not having to buy new tights all the time.

Now I’ve had some weird experiences buying the one-size fits all clothing items from China via eBay. They always, always look lovely in pictures… and then nothing at all like that in real life. I didn’t have the highest hopes for the $4.99 lace garter belt, but figured that I could at least use the parts.

eBay pic:

When it arrived in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised with how much it looked like the pictures. The waist is non-adjustable, but quite stretchy. I took the picture with it high on my waist, but it does end up settling a few inches lower.

It took me a while to figure out how to get the clasps to actually hold the stockings (mine are thicker than normal, since they were super-thick tights), but once I did, I was excited about the fit.  Sooooo much more comfortable than tights, which feel really strange in the waist/crotch. I may even end up wearing garter/stockings more frequently than tights…

Oh, and I also might really like the way it looks… particularly with my Masquerade Tiffany set.  :)

So yeah, I intend to convert a few more pairs of destroyed tights to stockings and make/buy at least one more garter belt.


Keia (Ruby Pink) Isabella Bra

I had seen this bra around and was curious about it, since it looked like it might fit similarly to the Parfait Casey. I couldn’t find a clear picture of the band, though, and was worried that it might also fit like the Full-filled “mystery” bra that I tried recently.

When I found a it in a nude 30GG on eBay, I decided that it was worth trying. It took forever to ship, since I bought it from England, so I was very excited when it finally arrived.

Unfortunately, it fit pretty much exactly like the “mystery” bra. Compare Isabella with the “mystery” bra…


“Mystery” bra:

Though the underwires do not technically dip below the band, the band itself is shaped so that the cups are not in a straight line with the band. Here’s a clarifying image:

Fit: New, the band fits about a size small, but the material seems like it would stretch out quickly. The cups are the right volume, but the shape means that there is empty space in the bottom and a good amount of quad-boob at the top. Sigh.

Comfort: The bra seems fairly well made and seemed comfortable when I tried it on. It seems like it might be less breathable than some other bras.

Looks: The fabric is kind of apricot-coloured. The bra is simple and pretty.

Shape: Because the configuration of the underwire/band isn’t right for me, the cups sit below my breasts and also pull my breasts down and out- not a pretty sight. The cups are pretty rounded, though, and look like they would give a great shape on someone with less high-set breasts.


Band fit:

Overall: I like it and wish it worked for me. If I could just move the underwires, it would be great! If low underwires are fine for you, it will probably work out well.

PS: It’s listed on Bratabase!


I didn’t own a set of lingerie until about a year ago. Since they were really uncomfortable and never looked right (because they were ill-fitting), I didn’t care much about bras and never thought to buy matching panties. Even once I started getting interested in bras, it still took me about a year to even consider purchasing a set… and even now, I have yet to buy a set together… I generally buy the bra first, see if I like it, and then order the matching panties if I happen to find them cheap somewhere.

I currently own 4 sets:

Chantelle Icone (36DD, padding removed, altered to 28GG; S)

The cups are too small for me to wear with clothing, but this works in the bedroom. It’s navy mesh with plum embroidery and is super, super pretty.

Masquerade/Harlequin Tiffany (32G, altered to 28H; S)


The cups kind of fold under the weight of my breasts (thicker straps might help?) and the band rides up slightly (possibly due to altering it unevenly), but it’s definitely wearable.

Curvy Kate Tease Me (28H; M)


The cups are a size too small, but it’s wearable with tank tops. The panties run quite small and the medium is smaller than smalls in most other brands.

Cleo Sasha (30GG; S)

This is the only non-padded bra that I currently own and I love it. The print is gorgeous! As for fit, the cups are fine, but the band is too loose, even on the tightest hooks. I’m planning to alter it soon.

Current Size

So I’ve lost a few more pounds (my ribcage is now 28 inches) and, along with it, about half a cup size. At the moment, a 28H seems to be the best-fitting size for most bras (28HH is better for bras like Curvy Kate Tease Me).

Here’s a 28H (worn on tightest hooks) Tease Me that I got this summer:

This is what it looks like once I’ve been wearing it for a while. (The red mark is due to my terrible habit of slouching.) I’m coming out of the top of the cup and a 28HH would be a lot better… but it’s a comfy bra and I wear it with tank tops/other shirts that don’t show the quad-boob. Anyway, I didn’t review it because I knew I was buying a too-small bra and didn’t feel quite right trying to review something that I knew wouldn’t fit. If it’s any help, I’d totally buy this bra again in a 28HH!

Anyway, I’m waiting for a few things to come in the mail (none of which are 28Hs… I’ll have to alter some bands), so there are some reviews coming up!