Parfait Fiona and Full-filled “mystery bra”

So neither bra turned out to be wearable. The 34G Parfait Fiona was too big in the cups (and, obviously, way too big in the band). The 28HH “mystery bra” technically fits well, but the cups sit too low and slide down my boobs… causing empty bottom cups and quad-boob. Sigh. So I can’t really do full reviews of either, but here are some thoughts:

Parfait Fiona (34G)

Fit: Everyone seems to think that Parfait bras run tight in the band. This one might have fit like a 32… but even on the tightest hooks, it was moving everywhere. Anyway, I thought the cups would fit since, theoretically, a 34G is the same as a 28HH. The cups, however, were a bit large. It’s hard to tell, though, since it would have sat differently with a well-fitting band. I tend to fit between a 28HH and a 28H, so I don’t think the cups were that far off.

Comfort: Not as comfortable as the Parfait Casey, but more comfortable than, say the Freya Deco.  The fabric was a little itchy, but the band seems to be the same soft band as the Casey.

Looks: It’s a gorgeous teal-ish blue satin… with black lace. Lovely.

Shape: Hard to tell, since the fit was so off. My guess, though, is that it wouldn’t have been as rounded as I would have liked.

Overall: A 32G (with an altered band) might have worked, but I don’t love it quite enough to buy another new bra just to alter it. It’s quite pretty, though.

Full-filled “mystery bra” (28HH)

Fit: The band seemed like a pretty standard 28. Tighter than a padded Curvy Kate 28, but looser than a 28 Cleo Chloe. The cups also seem to fit, but, due to the shape of the bra, they slide down my boobs, causing both empty lower cups and quad-boob… not a pretty sight.

Comfort: The bra seems pretty poorly made. The fabric is scratchy and the bra arrived with loose threads and some pulls in the material (hint: most of the things that look like wrinkles are actually pulls in the fabric). Cheap materials + poor construction = not very comfortable.

Looks: Eek. But, honestly, if it fit, I really wouldn’t care.

Shape: If the cups stayed up, it would be decent. It flattens me more than I’d like (ie: pushes my breasts up and back, rather than up and out), but it would work well as a T-shirt bra.

Overall: The shape is just all sorts of wrong for me. I wish it worked. And, honestly, it works well enough to serve as evidence that H+ MOULDED CUP BRAS ARE POSSIBLE!!!

3 thoughts on “Parfait Fiona and Full-filled “mystery bra”

  1. The parfait bra looks like it would fit nicely if you altered the band. Maybe the photos aren’t showing just how big the cups are. Too bad they didn’t work out for you! I’ve been really interested to know how that mystery bra on ebay fits though, so I’m glad you’ve reviewed it.

  2. Are you keeping the Fiona or selling it? I’ve had my eye on the teal colour for a while, but wanted to hear how the cups fit first. Let me know if it’s up on ebay or bratabase for sale! :)

  3. Amen to larger molded cups working! I want to try the Curvy Kate Smoothie but also want to wait until it’s on sale or something and there’s more sizing advice on it in Bratabase.

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