Things to come

Given my dearth of bras with cups that encompass my breast tissue, I decided to take a risk and order a few bras. The 30GG Cleo Sasha was the best I could find (a 28HH would be optimal), and it’s working out well (other than the pokey wires), but I do really like moulded-cup bras. Anyway, since I had a credit with zulily, I decided to order a 34G Parfait Fiona, with the intention of altering the band. In an attempt to get a bra that I won’t need to alter, I also purchased a 28HH “Full-filled” moulded cup mystery-bra that popped up on eBay.

Parfait Fiona:

Fullfilled bra:

I’m excited for their arrivals and my fingers are crossed that they will fit! I ordered the Parfait bra on 13th of September, though, and it still hasn’t shipped, which is pretty frustrating. Reviews will follow once they arrive!

3 thoughts on “Things to come

  1. The last time I ordered from Zulily it took a while. They post the sale, wait for it to close, then make an order based on what they received. Once they receive it then the ship it. I wish they shared a bit more about their timeline.
    But I’d love to see how the Fiona works for you. It’s been on my wish list for a while, but I’m too afraid to order and try to alter and ruin it. It’s just so pretty!

    1. The estimate on the website was 12-16 days… and it’s still “in transit” to Zulily after 18 days. So it goes.

      I’ve altered a few bras and, while none of them are exceptionally pretty from the back, it works. The parfait bra ended up costing me a total of $10 (bra and shipping) with the store credit, which is why I’m willing to take the risk. :)

  2. I’m excited to see the mystery bra :) I’ve been thinking of ordering one but I wanted to see a review first and so far, I haven’t been able to find one

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