Cleo Sasha (take 2)

So I bought the Cleo Sasha in a 32FF a while back. I loved it, but I knew it didn’t fit. It’s a gorgeous bra, though, and I wanted one that I could at least get away with wearing… so I set out on a search for one in the 28H-30H territory. Knowing that a 28HH would probably be the best fit (but worried that a 28 might be too snug), I went for the only size I saw available: 30GG.

As you may recall, this is the same size as the problematic black Cleo Lucy. The cups on the Sasha, however are a tad more generous, so a 30GG is wearable in the cup. Unfortunately, I was wrong about how tight the band ran and wore it on the tightest hook right out of the package. A 28HH would be amazing in this bra (hint, nudge… if you see one available, let me know!). After breaking the 30GG in a bit, I will probably alter the band.


The slight indentation:


I also have the same issues with the pokey underwires. Has anyone had any success in bending Cleo underwires? I don’t want to end up breaking my bra. 

For now, though the 30GG is wearable. And I have the matching panties, which is a definite plus!

NB: I ordered from Breakout Bras. They are wonderful. After having issues with shipping last time, they told me to call customer service and order over the phone. I placed the order on Monday morning and received the package on Wednesday morning. Amazing.

3 thoughts on “Cleo Sasha (take 2)

  1. Hi Lyla,

    Yes, Panache’s under wires are notorious for being very firm. Iv’e met with their head designers (I may work for them ;) ) and unfortunately, this seems to be the best way to give maximum support to petite full busts along with seams. Do you still have issues after a few washes?

    Glad to see so many reviews on Panache/Cleo/Harlequin (Masquerade) product on here. It is very valuable feedback!

    1. Panache/Cleo/Harlequin(Masquerade) bras tend to be my favourites! I’m in the process of losing weight, though, so I hope the 28s will still work for me in a few months. I have quite a few G+ friends who need 24 and 26 bands and who would absolutely love to wear Panache/Cleo/Harlequin bras if they came in those sizes.

      I haven’t noticed that washing helps with the underwires, but I could give it a few more tries. Just a thought about the underwire shape: if the ends of the underwires (both on the center gore and also on the sides of the cup) curved out slightly, that might allow the underwires to be just as “firm” without digging in.

  2. Ahh, now it makes sense why it’s a bit hard to bend my Cleo wires! :) I never thought about their wires being firm!

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I usually need to bend the wires on the center gore outwards on my bras (even some plunges), and I’ve been able to get Cleo gores to bend a bit. It’s definitely not as easy as, say, Curvy Kate or Freya, but I’ve been able to do it :)

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