Grab Bags

Sorry for the long hiatus. I had some rather large and unexpected things come up. I should (hopefully) be posting regularly again.

Over the summer, I’ve lost about 10 lbs and (with some gained in my boobs). At the moment, 28HHs are fitting relatively well.

I recently ordered a “grab bag” of 2 bras from Breakout Bras. It appears that they are not currently offering the grab bags, but it’s a pretty good deal when it’s around. You get two mystery bras (not new styles) in the size of your choice for $35. While you can’t exactly ask for specific things, they will try to honour requests for certain colours/styles/brands. I ordered a grab bag of 2 28HH bras and said that I preferred padded plunge bras (unpadded Cleo bras okay). After dealing with some issues with my shipping address, I received two Cleo bras: Lucy and Chloe.

I love Lucy (haha) and the 28HH was a perfect fit… but I’m very much not a hot-pink kind of gal. I’m hoping to sell/trade this for something a bit less hot-pink:

Chloe is gorgeous, but the fit is strange. It’s definitely a tight 28 (mostly due to the non-stretchy fabric that makes up part of the band) and, though the bottoms of the cups fit perfectly, the lace section at the top is huge on me. I have “full-on-top” breasts, so I really wasn’t expecting this:

Since the band and bottoms of the cups fit, I’m considering just altering the lace section. Plus, I prefer low-cut bras.

So I’m still sort of without well-fitting bras (with the exception of the hot-pink Lucy), but I am hoping to remedy that soon.

4 thoughts on “Grab Bags

  1. I remember someone telling me about the Grab Bags deal….I looked it up a while back and was going to order one, but decided not to. Wish I would have as they don’t have it available right now.

    I love the Lucy! It’s a great fit – and a great color. A shame you don’t love the hot pink.

    1. The Grab bags are really a great idea. It’s hit-or-miss, though, because some bras run small/large. If I have luck selling/trading, then I’d definitely go for the grab bags again (when they are offered).

      Oh, and I have bright red hair… so hot pink looks a bit comical on me. :)

  2. It is possible to dye bras, so if you like the shape but not the colour grab some lingerie dye (I like Simplicol) and get to work. Also, the Lucy might be available in other colourways, but the fit is slightly different. If the pink Lucy is perfect, it is better to dye it than to hope that a white, black, yellow or berry Lucy will fit you just as well.

    Cleo Chloe – I guess it got just proven that you have breasts that are full on bottom. You don’t look full on top to me.

    1. I have a black Lucy in a 30GG, but it doesn’t fit. I’m considering dying the pink one, but I’m afraid of having the dye run while wearing it! Maybe I’m just paranoid. :)

      Per my shape: it’s hard to explain, but I have breast tissue almost up to my collar bones. The bottom looks fuller, but there is proportionally more tissue up top. I think it’s just more condensed at the bottom… again, hard to explain… I should draw a diagram. Half cup styles are perfect, since the top is open… but most other styles cut in at the top. I think the issue might just be this bra, since the top of the cup looks loose even on the models.

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