I’m (Mostly) Back!

I spent the past two weeks on the opposite coast and am now back… though I am currently a bit preoccupied with things like moving into my dorm and working on my thesis. :)

While I was away, I got into quite a few conversations with people about bras and bra sizing (I mean, of course I did). I quickly realized most people have no idea that UK sizing doubles D+ letters and, thus, they assume that an H cup is only a few cup sizes larger than a DD (like, DD, F, G, H). And when they hear something like GG or HH, they have no idea what it means. Given this confusion, I’ve decided to start using my US size (28L… I think) when talking to people. And no, not because it makes me sound larger, but rather because it emphasizes the fact that an L-cup isn’t comically huge.

I have more thoughts on US vs UK cup sizing and I’m working on a longer post about it. While I’m working on it, though, I’d love to know of any reasons that people prefer the UK cup sizing system. Thoughts?

9 thoughts on “I’m (Mostly) Back!

  1. I prefer to use UK sizing, because it is consistent across brands and because those bras actually exist. Saying that I wear a US 28I(maybe?) doesn’t really mean anything because no one makes a bra and labels it like that. Even US manufacturers that cater to sizes beyond DD like Parfait by Affinitas are using UK sizing.

    Additionally, using a sizing standard that doesn’t have any real definition makes it difficult for people who understand bra sizing to understand what you’re saying. I’d wager a guess that a person who doesn’t understand your UK bra size is not going to be any less confused by your theoretical US bra size.

  2. I guess when you’re used to one type of sizing system, any other system will seem weird at first. I just prefer the UK system because I know it better than the US one. The former could also be more popular because the letters are closer, alphabetically, to the so-called “average” A-D range, so us large-cup wearers feel less alienated from (what we’ve been taught is) “normalcy”.

    Both systems are unnecessarily complicated, I think. There’s a German brand called SugarShape (http://www.sugarshape.de/so-passt-s/) whose sizes are simply the ribcage measurement paired with the overbust measurement, which seems much more transparent and easy to understand. I hope that kind of system catches on.

  3. I agree with Vallary. I live in the UK and wear a 28FF. There just isn’t any reason for me to work out what my best size would be in the US as no-one there makes anything likely to fit, Whereas people in the US with ‘non-high-street’ sizes are more likely to check out UK/European brands which make a wider range and therefore get to know their UK or Euro size.
    It would be good, though, if they used the same cup sizing system. That would also help to clarify which sizes real women actually need.

  4. I prefer the UK system because it leaves more room for more sizes. There are some US manufacturers who make up to an O-cup, I think, but it’s around a UK size KK or something. Eventually we’d run out of letters. Using double and single letters helps de-stigmatize DDs, for example. It feels more like “oh, everyone gets different letters, and some people get double letters. Cool, carry on.” But all sizing systems are strange and slightly arbitrary. I’m glad we have them, because we can get perfectly tailored fit, but it does mean that we have to educate ourselves and each other.

  5. Working with bras, it’s surprising how many brands actually use the UK sizing, so surely women are more comfortable using this metric, because it is more common. Some of the greatest brands of bras, (especially the larger ones) are UK based, so they use the UK metrics. Either way…can’t wait to see your post on what you discover!

    Love Fiona,
    discover your next favorite bra

  6. I agree with most comments and prefer UK sizing. I hate it when the sizing is multiple (more than two) D, like DDD instead of F or D12 to mean a K cup. It makes the size sound abnormal and freakish.

  7. I prefer the UK sizing system because most of the time, I’m bargain shopping for bras on ebay.co.uk or brastop because there aren’t very many places in the states to find bras that fit. Because I’m basically shopping in the UK, I’ve gotten used to thinking about my size(s) in UK sizes.

  8. I’ve just recently ordered some UK bras online and honestly I’ve NEVER seen the equivalent size in a store. I now wear a 38G and in US that would be 38I but I’ve never known it to exist. I used to wear a 38C and now that I have even ONE bra that fits so much better….I don’t even want to wear my older bras even though they are practically new.

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