Brief update

No, this isn’t an update regarding panties… but it does involve bras.

My ribcage is now 28.5 inches. The number on the scale is exactly the same, but I’ve lost an inch from almost everything except my boobs. I think I need a 28HH now, so I plan to alter all of my well-worn (ie: unsellable) bra bands and to sell all of my like-new 30 band bras.

I want to order new bras, but my size is changing so rapidly that I fear I’d be a different size by the time they arrive!

8 thoughts on “Brief update

  1. I can’t tell if my underbust is changing or if I’m just learning to pull the measuring tape tighter and tighter. A year ago it was measuring 31″. Recently it’s been 30″, 29″, and 28″. I don’t want to be a 28 and have to deal with being sized out when bands are too stretchy. I think I’ll stick with 30 sized bands, and 28s in the bands that run bigger.

    1. I was mostly okay in 30s, but noticed that the bra I put on this morning was loose even on the tightest hook, which prompted the measuring. I don’t understand why people think 28 is such a tiny size…

  2. When I lost weight, I didn’t lose any from the overbust, but I kept changing in the underbust, which was kind of maddening- the volume wasn’t changing but I needed new bras anyway!
    …comforting to know I’m not alone?

  3. This happened to me a lot in 2010 when I was on a good thyroid treatmenrt plan and dropping a lot of size: I lost two pants sizes and went from a large to a small shirt size, without dropping any weight.(And my boobs got bigger.) Bodies are weird!

    1. It’s really good to hear that I’m not the only one… I definitely look like I’m losing weight, but the scale still reads an absurdly high number. I think my fat is migrating to better places… and I’m also gaining muscle weight. Hmm.

      1. I think you should ignore the scale in favor of how your clothes fit and how your body measures. Measurements are a better gauge of size loss and this is also a more psychologically healthy way to look at it.

  4. The whole boobs-growing-more-while-your-new-bras-are-in-the-mail thing happens to me all the time. Or within the first week or so of having a new bra my boobs grow. For example, when I first got the 28J Curvy Kate Tease Me it was a great fit. Now, a week or two later, the cups are noticeably too small! Maybe it’s because I’m still young (only 19) but I really feel like my boobs are always growing really rapidly.

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