I’m (Mostly) Back!

I spent the past two weeks on the opposite coast and am now back… though I am currently a bit preoccupied with things like moving into my dorm and working on my thesis. :)

While I was away, I got into quite a few conversations with people about bras and bra sizing (I mean, of course I did). I quickly realized most people have no idea that UK sizing doubles D+ letters and, thus, they assume that an H cup is only a few cup sizes larger than a DD (like, DD, F, G, H). And when they hear something like GG or HH, they have no idea what it means. Given this confusion, I’ve decided to start using my US size (28L… I think) when talking to people. And no, not because it makes me sound larger, but rather because it emphasizes the fact that an L-cup isn’t comically huge.

I have more thoughts on US vs UK cup sizing and I’m working on a longer post about it. While I’m working on it, though, I’d love to know of any reasons that people prefer the UK cup sizing system. Thoughts?

Altered Shirt!

I got a beautiful purple top that looked great on my boobs… except that the stiching pattern made it look like I was very, very saggy. Last night, I felt rather inspired, and took a needle and thread to the top, to see if I could make it any better. I sewed the “boob pockets” together, getting rid of the triangle shape between them. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement.


Note the weird line that makes my boobs look saggy…



Solved. It’s not as much of a V-neck as before, but it’s still cleavagey (the way I took this photo dragged the neckline up a bit).

My next step will be to take in the waist a little bit. It used to be very, very tight on me, but it’s now baggier than I’d like in the waist. It looks nice with a belt, though:


Brief update

No, this isn’t an update regarding panties… but it does involve bras.

My ribcage is now 28.5 inches. The number on the scale is exactly the same, but I’ve lost an inch from almost everything except my boobs. I think I need a 28HH now, so I plan to alter all of my well-worn (ie: unsellable) bra bands and to sell all of my like-new 30 band bras.

I want to order new bras, but my size is changing so rapidly that I fear I’d be a different size by the time they arrive!