Parfait, part deux

Now that I’ve actually worn my Parfait Casey bra a few times, I want to elaborate on the quality and comfort sections.

Quality: No disasters yet. I’ve worn it and washed it a handful of times and it still looks mostly new (except for a dangling thread where the strap is attached).

Comfort: The underwires are perfect… yes, PERFECT. And not just the underwires, either! I didn’t realize that a moulded cup plunge bra could actually be this comfortable. I’ve been wearing well-fitting but painful bras for a while now, and I’d assumed that all bras would be at least slightly uncomfortable. The Freya Deco, though gorgeous, has really painful underwires and a realllly sharp band (loose, but still manages to bite). The Cleo Lucy, though perfect in almost every way, also has painful underwires. The Masquerade Tiffany is great, but the band is too thin for comfort. The Cleo Sasha has the most painful straps I’ve ever experienced, but is otherwise great. Almost every bra I own has something uncomfortable about it… not so with the Casey!

I can wear the Casey for 10 hours before it starts feeling uncomfortable (and that’s just the band being a little itchy). Though it’s a cup size too small, it is incredibly comfortable. I would imagine that the right size would be even more spectacularly comfortable. The underwire doesn’t dig in at all and the band stays put without leaving scary red marks. My skin marks really easily, so red marks from a bra (or panties, or a skirt, etc) aren’t usually something I worry about… but I honestly don’t even notice the band on the Casey.

Overall: Good quality, super-ultra-comfortable, well-priced… What about looks? Though it isn’t fair to compare a too-small Casey to a well-fitting Deco in terms of cleavage, I’d guess that on an even playing field they are at least equal… but really, the cleavage this thing gives me is unreal. When Affinitas expands their Parfait size range, I’ll be all set for my moulded-cup plunge bras.

Bonus photo of the destroyed Deco:

The underwire burst through the channel (ripped the fabric) AND the seam is unravelling. Wow… any tips for making a lasting repair?

4 thoughts on “Parfait, part deux

  1. At first I thought that the picture was the Casey. I would be so shocked if it had done that to you already. All I’ve ever seen is hanging threads that could be trimmed.

    But Yay!!!! Bra comfort at last! That is great news. :)

  2. If you still have that Deco and are still looking to fix it, the best and only way of which I’m aware is to sit down with it and a needle and thread and run the thread from where the fabric has managed to not fray, over to the other side of the errant wire, and back again. And back again and back again and back again, possibly for several hours. My Panache Evie is notorious for wires flying out, and seeing as it’s my only strapless bra, as well and the only padded bra, AND only bra that anywhere near matches my skin tone, I have to attack it with a needle and thread.. a lot.

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