Inventory again

I now have a pile of bras that sort of fit. This is exciting! Since my bra size been changing wildly after switching thyroid medications, I’m going to try to hold off on buying new bras (keyword: try). Most importantly, however, I am going to keep a range of sizes around. I don’t know if my breasts will grow or shrink, but I do know that my ribcage is shrinking (so no more 32 bands!).

There are a few 32 bands that I need to take in, a 30 band that rides up, and a bunch of bras with slightly too-small cups. I should be able to handle my shrinking ribcage by altering the bands, but if my breasts grow any more, I will have to invest in a few more bras. Here are my currently wearable bras:

  • 30G Deco (Freya) – perhaps a bit small in cup, but fits like a 30GG… (broken)
  • 30G Casey (Parfait) -too small in cup
  • 30GG Lucy (Cleo) – too small in cup
  • 30G Tiffany (Masquerade) -too small in cup, slightly too big in band
  • 32FF Deco (Freya) – slightly small in cup, too big in band
  • 32G Tiffany (Masquerade) – too big in band

As you may have noticed, none of my pretty, colourful bras are in that pile. I’m keeping them around, in case my cup size shrinks… but they are all 2 or 3 cup sizes too small now, and I would need to do some pretty heavy alteration to the bands, since they are all 34s or 36s. I do plan to rebuild my colourful bra stash once I’ve settled at a healthier weight.

Interestingly, before I got myself out of 34C bras, I had no idea how frequently bra size changes/fluctuates. I kind of just assumed I would stay the same size, unless I lost or gained a large amount of weight… and it never really occurred to me that weight would affect my band size more than my cup volume . I’ve worn many different sizes, mostly because it took me a long time to get into a bra that really fit, but also because I’ve actually changed sizes. In the past 7 years, my ribcage has ranged from 26 to 31.5 inches and my cup volume from a 30F (US 30G) to a 30H (US 30K). If you’re wondering about weight and bra size: my highest weight did not correspond with my largest cup volume, but it did correspond with my largest ribcage measurement.

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