C’est Parfait?

It’s time for a happy post!

A little over a week ago, I posted about my hopes to find a Deco-alternative. I had been curious about Parfait by Affinitas, but was nervous to try them out, since I couldn’t find anywhere to try them on and I’d heard that sizing was a little difficult. Chrystal of By Baby’s Rules (which is an awesome blog that you should follow, if you don’t already) left a comment offering to send me two Parfait bras (30G Casey and 32G Anna), which she had won, but which did not fit her. I took her up on the ultra-generous offer, and the two bras arrived in the mail a few days ago.

30G Casey:

Sizing: Parfait bras are all available in sizes 30-40 D-G. The sizing is a little strange for some bras, though. Parfait would do well to extend their bras to at least an H cup and down to a 28 band.

Fit: I’ve heard a lot of people say that the band and cup run tight. Oddly, the 30 band feels a bit loose for a 30 band (my ribcage is 30 inches now) and the cup seems only slightly tighter than the 30G Deco. With that in mind, I’d say the cups fit like a 30G/GG. At the moment (given my current “inflated” state), the cups are a tiny bit too small. If I jiggle back into the cup, it isn’t too noticeable. A 28H or 30GG would be great if they made it, but I’d have to buy a 32G to get a good fit in the cup… and I’d have to alter the band.

Comfort: The band is my new favourite band. It’s sturdy without causing any back flub, which is amazing. It’s probably because it’s wider than average. The fabric is also about as tense as the elastic, which helps. The straps are also comfy, but not as amazingly comfortable as the straps on the Cleo Lucy. The cups are fine, but obviously less breathable than a sheer material.

Looks: The lace is cute and the colour is rather yellowy, which is good for my skin tone (flash makes me look pink). Obviously, I’d prefer if it were paler, but I can’t expect people to cater to my ghostly skin. The cups are a little more low cut than the Deco, which I like.

Shape: The shape is very similar to the shape that the Deco gives: round and cleavage-y. It’s a bit less round, though, and center gore is much lower than the Deco, so there is more cleavage.

Overall: I’d buy this in a 32G (and take in the band), but I wish they offered a 30GG or 28H. I wore the 30G out today, though, and it was fine under clothing. Sizing aside, this might be my new favourite moulded cup bra.

32G Anna:

Sizing: Available in sizes 30-40 D-G.

Fit: Again, I’ve heard a lot about the band running tight, but this seems like a fair 32. Maybe 31? I can stretch it to 34 inches, and easily to 32. For some reason, this bra appeared to be 3 or more cup sizes too small, but I think it’s a shape issue, rather than a size issue.

Comfort: Again, I love the band construction. The 32 is probably a little bit too large for me, even though this band does run a bit tight. The straps are also very comfortable. The cups seem like they might get a bit itchy, but I didn’t have it on long enough to judge.

Looks: The Anna bra is a demi sheer-cup bra. Parfait also makes a half-padded version of this style. I’m not usually into pink, but this is cute. The tassel and lace are reminiscent of the Masquerade Persia. The strap details are a really nice touch.

Shape: Eek. I can’t say what shape it actually gives, since this one just doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t seem like a sizing problem as much as a shape problem… for this bra to work, the cup would need to be more open at the top. I love demi-cup bras, but since I’m top-heavy, they need to have open tops in order to accomodate my shape. This one just doesn’t work on me. If you’re bottom-heavy, this is probably the style for you!

the mega quad-boob:

Overall: I love demi bras, but the shape of this is just wrong for me. Since Anna doesn’t fit me, I’d like to continue the bra karma chain by giving the 32G Anna to someone who needs it. I’ll be listing it as a “giveaway” on Bratabase, but I wanted to give y’all a heads up before I do. Once it’s up, you can message me via Bratabase if you’re interested! (But seriously, if you’ve got top-heavy breasts, don’t even think about it.)

Strange, no? I was totally expecting the 32G to fit better than the 30G bra, but I guess the rumours about their strange sizing are true. I’m really glad I’ve had the chance to try on Parfait bras before guessing and ordering. Since I’m so unsure of how the different shapes fit, I think I’ll stick to Parfait’s moulded-cup styles for now. I really like Casey and wish it were available in more sizes (sub-30 bands and G+ cups!). The best news is that I’ve found a moulded cup bra that I like more than the Deco! Oh, and the prices are very reasonable ($40-$60ish) and they occasionally pop up on zulily for much cheaper ($12-19).

Thanks again to Chrystal of By Baby’s Rules!

10 thoughts on “C’est Parfait?

  1. Wow, that’s awesome of Chrystal and now of you :)

    What makes you say the Anna is a shape problem rather than a size one? It looks mega small from the photos, but you’ll know better. Are you filling out the whole cup?

    I wear a 32F mostly these days and I think my boobs are top heavy (I don’t get much of a variety of bras to try on to tell, but my boobs look awesome in the Masquerade Rhea and terrible in the Curvy Kate Tempt Me, and Freyas usually cut in a bit) so I’m wondering if I could get away with trying that (especially since it’s free!). Might cost me a bit in shipping to NZ though :/

    1. The cup seems the right hight for a demi bra, and the bottom fits fine… it’ really just the top that is too tight. The cup seems to be designed for a bust that would also be smaller in the top. If you have problems with bras cutting you off at the top, I’d bet this one would do so as well. If not, it will probably work.

      My guess is that shipping would be about $8 and I’m not sure if I could get tracking. Bratabase covers shipping for giveaway bras (and up to $10 for other listings). I’ll be listing it on Bratabase today.

          1. Haha I actually think it’s not! The design is nice enough, but I loathe all the colours I’ve ever seen it come in. I’m waiting for a nice teal or pink before I will like it.

  2. I have the Parfait Jeanie and would say it’s more generous in the cup than the Deco. (Design-wise it’s just the Casey but without the lace.) I have the Deco in a 28F and it is unwearably small now in the cup. The Jeanie in a 30E is actually ever so slightly tighter in the band, but the cup is more generous than the Deco, so it’s wearable until new bras arrive.

    The cups in the Jeanie seem to be slightly stretchy, so it may work better for you than the Casey, since the lace overlay on the base of the cups in that bra likely inhibits some of the stretch.

  3. I’m glad the Casey is at least wearable for you! The Casey and Jeanie are pretty similar, but the Jeanie has the tighter band. Like Vallary said above, the cups are stretchy more so then the Casey.

    I honestly have no clue what is going on with the Anna. I find some of the unpadded bras run a touch smaller in the cups, but this one was a lot smaller. While the Casey is obviously a much better fit on you then me, the Anna is much worse on you. I definitely think a bottom heavy breast may work better for this bra. I don’t remember, but I think the detailing at the top of the cups really prohibits any stretching of the top. I have a friend that ordered the padded version of this bra and it is the first Affinitas bra that she has returned.

    Like I said on one of your other posts, there has been some twitter chatter about expanding the size range. So anyone who is interested should send an email or something. I’d love to have 28s and extended size range. The 30 band in the Charlotte stretches to like 27 inches and would be perfect for me in a 30HH, I’d wear it every day it is so comfortable. They are also working on standardizing the fit more. They are a newer brand out of California, so some growing pains are expected.
    As for these bras, I won them though the Affinitas Facebook page. They do a lot of giveaways, so if you want to try them watch their page! Some are even open out of the US.

    1. I’m wearing the Casey right now and it feels fabulous… and the slightly-too-small cups are giving me great cleavage. I was under the impression that Parfait bras wouldn’t be as comfortable as Freya/Fantasie bras… but they are actually much more comfortable. I’ve entered a few of the facebook giveaways. Perhaps I’ll get lucky?

      Affinita’s response to my email sounded positive. Apparently, a lot of people have been asking for larger cup sizes and smaller bands. I’m really excited to see a US bra company making pretty and functional D+ bras!

  4. I’m certainly a fan of Casey, Jeanie, and many, many other of the Parfait by Affinitas bras :) If you like the Casey, you should try the Jeanie. I think the sides are just a bit shorter, and some may find the Casey goes to high into the armpit. Both are really good comparisons to the Deco. Definitely watch Zulily for deals on Parfait. I just got a bunch of new ones from there. I guess some reviews need to be added to my to-do list. My Jeanie and Casey bras are the ones I rotate the most. I have 2 blue, 2 nude in Casey and 2 nude, 1 black in Jeanie. Yep, I’m an addict…

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