Cleo Lucy (Butterfly Collection has incredibly fast shipping!)

So I placed my order on June 28th (Thursday) and it arrived on July 2nd (Monday). I was expecting shipping from Canada to take at least a week, so that was a pleasant surprise! The bra (Cleo Lucy) and soak packets were wrapped and sealed in a ziplock plastic bag, which is a great idea when shipping, in case the package ends up left in the rain. Since they email receipts, there was no receipt/packing slip in the package, which is fine with me. Good job, Butterfly Collection!

The bra itself does run small in the cup. I could probably have bought a 30H and been fine, but I think the 30GG works… and I’m currently about 5 lbs heavier than I usually am. Here’s how it looks:

Side, after scooping and jiggling back into cup:

Sizing: available in 28-38 D-J (US D-M), which is great. The cups run small, so if you’re a true UK J cup, you might be out of luck. The band also runs a tad loose (as compared to many other 30 bands).

Fit: As has been stated in like every review of this bra, the Cleo runs small in the cup. If you’re a 30GG in most bras, try a 30H in this one. (Every Cleo bra I’ve tried on has been small in the cup. Jude, for example, is small on me even in a 30H.) Lucy’s band runs looser than some Panache bras, so I might have been able to do a 28 in this bra. So I’m normally a 30GG, but this bra would probably be better in a 28HH or a 30H. I think I’m keeping the 30GG, though, since this is the upper limit of my weight fluctuation and I just switched medications (anticipating more weight/boob changes).

Comfort: OH MY GOD THIS BRA IS COMFORTABLE. The band and straps are totally different from Sasha’s. The straps are lined with a soft, fuzzy material, and are thick (like, Deco thick), so they don’t cut in. The band is similar and the elastic is not firmer than the rest of the material, so it doesn’t cut in weirdly. The cups are breathable and, though they don’t make me jiggle-proof, they are fairly supportive in terms of keeping my breasts up. The only uncomfortable thing about the bra is that the underwires dig in under my arms rather sharply. I want to try to pad the underwires, but can’t think of an effective method of doing so.

Looks: I usually go for elegant, but this bra isn’t elegant. It’s what I’d call “cute” or “pretty”… so it’s pretty much like the rest of the Cleo collection. The black lace section at the top of the cup has a cute floral design and the bra, while sturdy and supportive, still looks playful.

Shape: The shape that it gives my breasts is wonderful… not quite as round as a moulded cup bra, but it’s still very, very round. If you like a round shape, but aren’t fond of the “unnatural” look that moulded cup bras can give, this is a nice alternative.

I haven’t tried the soak yet, but I’ll let you know what I think of it once I use it.

7 thoughts on “Cleo Lucy (Butterfly Collection has incredibly fast shipping!)

  1. I really like the Cleo Lucy, and I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks the cups run small! I agree- the shape it gives is fantastic. You look great in it!

  2. If you need to pad the underwires I suggest that you pick up some good quality cotton felt. You can trace the underwire shape and just whip stitch it on to the bra. It works great, and (so long as you wash the felt first) shouldn’t have any issues with bunching or twisting–or showing from the outside of the bra.

    Also, thanks for the help on my bratabase fit request.

    1. That feature is really smart! I usually have to scour the reviews on retail sites to find any comments about how the bra fits. My size has been fluctuating a lot lately, so the 30GG was probably the perfect size at the moment I ordered it (and it was a bit loose in the cup when I tried it on in a store a week earlier!)… c’est la vie! It’s super comfortable, though.

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