Soft Cup Bras

When I bought my first few D+ bras (in a 34DDD- not quite the right size), I managed to snag a Fantasie Elodie bra in slate grey. The bra was gorgeous on all the models, but looked awful on me. The lace cups came up almost to my collarbones and my breasts just looked pointy and saggy. Not a good look! Thankfully, Elodie found a loving home via eBay.

How it was supposed to look:

Frequently, the problem is the wrong size and I was certainly wearing the wrong size. But recently, I’ve tried on similar soft cup bras (in 32FFs, 30Gs, and 30GGs) from Fantasie and Freya and still look all sorts of wrong on me. I guess I’m a little less saggy, but the cups still come up too high and I still get bullet-boob. It’s really not a good look for me. My hunch is that the general seam pattern isn’t a flattering one for my shape.

I’ve had much better luck with the two Cleo soft cup bras that I’ve tried: Sasha (so pretty, but discontinued) and Lucy (I just placed an order for a 30GG from Butterfly Collection!).

Sizing: I stupidly ordered the Sasha in a 32FF… I needed a 32G or a 30GG. Sasha seemed to run tight in the band, probably due to the fashion fabric. If I could find the Sasha in a 32G or 30GG, I would jump on it. I tried on the Lucy in a 32G, fastened on the tightest hook. The 30GG should be great. Be warned, Cleo bras run small in the cup (I need a 30H for the Jude bra).

Shape: It’s technically a balconette. I don’t think the top section of the bra is doing much work, but the straps/sides/bottom give a lot of lift and support. Even with the Sasha being a cup size too small, it gives a really nice, round shape. The Lucy is, I believe, the same style, but is made with a different fabric.

Too small Sasha

You can tell the cup is too small, by the way the seams around top piece of fabric cut in (mid-breast and at the top)… a cup size larger would eliminate those indents and leave a really round shape. You can also see how the underwires are pulling back, in an attempt to fit my tissue. Never make the mistake of thinking a too-small bra is sexy (a moulded cup is less awkward, but still!).

Quality: I can only speak for the Sasha… the straps are made of a totally impractical material and managed to roll into wire-thin strands after wearing it once or twice. The rest of the bra is holding up really well.

Comfort: Again, the straps on the Sasha are awful. I might just replace them. The rest of the bra is wonderful!

I’ll update with pictures once Lucy comes in the mail. :)

5 thoughts on “Soft Cup Bras

  1. The Alexa is the same exact bra as the Sasha if you wanted to try a bigger cup size. I have both of them. Also the Olivia offered only at Bravissimo is the exact same bra. I just ordered that one and am waiting for it to arrive. I believe there is a 30G and/or 30GG listed Alexa, Olivia and Sasha on Bratabase if you want to check measurements.

  2. Elodi is known to run large in the cups, so sizing down in the cup would have helped you.

    Fantasie bras can look similar but have different cuts. For example, I have several Fantasie side-support bras, but they all give a different shape. I personally find that their balconettes are usually cut too tight across the top for me, but I love love love the side support models. I should add, though, that I am fine with a natural breast shape. They do not make me look saggy, but they do not provide the same kind of hug and lift I get with the Sasha. Instead, they give me lift and projection and a more natural shape, very slenderizing, and great for day-to-day.

    I personally don’t find Freya to fit me very well, so I don’t even bother with them anymore.

    I should add though that I also do not find Cleo bras to run small. So maybe it is a shape thing. I need narrow deep cups and I can’t get that from every bra, but from Sasha I do. However, the thing with the seam digging in is pretty common in Cleo. It is because they are cheaply made. I find that it can stretch out with time.

    I hate the straps on Sasha too, they are stupid. Your Sasha actually doesn’t look too small, but that could be the picture.

    1. Yeah, that was after shoving myself back into the cups. If I actually “scoop and jiggle”, I’m almost halfway out of Sasha. But if I ever fit into that bra again, I want to sew on new straps.

  3. oh and I forgot to say: these aren’t soft cups. Soft up bras are those without underwire. Only in Poland do they call unpadded bras soft cups! I do not know why, it seems very silly.

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