Falling out of Love with Freya

So I seem to either have glowing reviews or downright rants. This one is a little more complicated- I still like (some of) their products, but I don’t feel like I can buy them anymore.

To be honest, the Deco is the only Freya bra that flatters my shape. I always love the way their bras look on models… but most Freya bras look strange on me. The soft cups all give me bullet-boob and the half cup bras always seem to squash me into a weird square shape, so I pretty much liked Freya for the Deco (I guess I also like the sweetheart bikini tops). But still, I loved the Deco so dearly… the shape is great, the nude is almost pale enough to match my skin, and I’ve been lusting after the ocean color for ages. Plus, the Deco is the bra that convinced me that D+ bras could be low-cut, sleek, and supportive!

So why am I falling out of love? Here are a few reasons:

  1. They offer the Deco is B and C cups… but cut off the 38 band at a G and the rest of the band sizes only go up to a GG (the 28GG has just been released, though I’ve only seen it available at Bravissimo). Honestly, I don’t know how many B and C cup-wearers would splurge $60 on a really supportive bra designed for D+ bodies, when they can easily find a $30 bra that’s more attractive and just as supportive. (I realize that B and C cups are hard to find in smaller and larger bands, but a small-bust company should take the reigns there, since they could provide a bra better suited to smaller breasts.) It would make a lot more sense to offer the Deco in H and HH cups than in B and C cups. Plenty of H+ women wear the Deco in the wrong size, because it’s such a great bra. Is Freya really a full-bust brand? (Les gros bonnets raises this question here.)
  2. The Deco is weird size-wise. It runs a bit loose in the band and an entire cup size too large in the cup. I’m normally a 30GG, but a 30G is my “best size” in the Deco (I can’t find a 28GG to try on). Everyone has noted the sizing problems with this bra. It really confused me when I first started figuring out my size and it doesn’t need to be so confusing.
  3. This one might be the last straw: my relatively new 30G Deco just broke. It was worn maybe 5 times. I was wearing the bra, feeling great, and then the underwire popped out. (The retailer refused to exchange an item that had been worn, which is absurd, given the reason for exchange.) Had I worn the bra a for a few months, I’d be sad, but I wouldn’t think it reasonable to complain… but the bra was new. I contacted Freya about the problem, and they said that, while the bra was obviously defective, there was nothing they could do. I would really like to see Freya stand behind their product, especially if they claim that it was defective, so I emailed again asking them to do so. Instead, I got a rather snippy response from Freya customer service, the first line of which read: “Legally your contract of sale is with the shop where the item was purchased not Eveden“. I had never questioned the legality of the situation, but had rather asked Eveden to stand behind the quality of their products when the retailer refused to do so. Not only was the reply exceedingly unhelpful, it was also downright rude. I understand if there is truly nothing that they can do, but the rude response was unnecessary.

So in all, it seems that Freya just doesn’t care about their customers. They make some great bras and bathing suits, but their customer service is terrible and they have been ignoring requests for larger cup sizes in their popular bras for ages. For now, I’m uncomfortable buying or recommending Freya (or other Eveden) products. If Freya starts really listening to customer feedback, I might try their bras again.

For the time being, I’m going to stick to brands like Panache (and all of their sub-brands), which offers an incredible range of sizes (there is talk of their considering sub-28 bands) and, at least on their Facebook page, has helpful customer service. I also want to check out Curvy Kate, but I’ve been unable to try their bras on and am terrified of ordering online without trying on first. I’ve been stalling on trying Ewa Michalak bras for the same reason! These are all brands that have proven their dedication to supporting (in all senses) their customers.

In the mean time, I really need a t-shirt bra. I’ll probably try to repair my defective Deco, but I really want to try the Parfait Casey (below). The problem is, I can’t find anywhere to try it on (the info on the Affinitas website is not up to date) and I’m worried that the 30G will be too small in the cup.

This bra doesn’t seem to get much publicity, but it looks like a great bra! Does anyone know of any stores in MA that stock Parfait bras? Any advice on sizing?

15 thoughts on “Falling out of Love with Freya

  1. Hi,
    I loved my freya deco the shape the colours ! but 38G end up getting way to big in the band even before I lost weight as I had gone up in back just to get into the cup, I know bad but love the shape now its just huge on me at the back and GG the new size is just not big enough in the cup and with the bands so stretchy I think even if they went up to a H or my word really branch into big cups like a HH a sister size for me 36HH would just be way to big in band and if I went to 34HH to small in cup, I just loved the shape ! why will they not just expand this bra into bigger cup sizes surely they see they have the market for small bands and big cups with other freya bras some of us dont feel comfortable in lace bras and prefer a moulded cup. I am loving my Satine Bra by Bravissimo ! thinner in the cup but comes in my 34J size ! and im drooling over Oh So Kimono Bra by Bravissimo which is shaped the same way as Satine Bra by Bravissimo, which has had to replace my freya deco and done a brilliant job just doesnt come in those eye catching freya deco colours lol moan over !

    1. I had a deco after my first kid but soon got pregnant again. Now after my second kid deco is just a dream.I’m way sized out of it. I just ordered a bunch of bras from bravissimo including a satine and the kimono one. Im glad to hear u love it.I hope it works out for me. The Thea, Maisie, and Lucine are also in that order. Hopefully something works out.

        1. I got my Bravissimo order. Out of the the seven bras I ordered only two worked out. Which is actually pretty good for me. The Kimono had the most beautiful print ever. I was crushed it didn’t work. I found it wasn’t supportive enough and gave a meh profile.Same goes for the Satine. The Thea is amazing (and I don’t like the Alana). Gives a great rounded profile. The only problem was that it quaded too much on my larger breast. If i went up a cup size it might be too large on my smaller breast but I might try it because its simply amazing. The Maisie went too far in my armpits and kinded did the east west thing. The shape wasn’t that impressive either. The Lucine is the first plunge bra to really work on me. Thats saying a lot for a 32J. It keeps the boobs in place. They do not spill in the middle. The shape is rounded and its very supportive. I might get another one if it stays supportive after washing and wearing a few times. The Daisy Chain is such a great supportive Daily Bra. I got the nude and it looks great under white clothes. I might get another one of these too if it withstands the wash and wear test. Both of these bras are comfortable and best of all the wires to not poke under my arms at all. The straps on the Lucine are the most comfortable straps I’ve ever worn. Both bras wires press on the middle for me but I just put my own padding in there. I’d rather have that then side wire poking. Both bras are great for full on top breasts. No quading in sight. I’m in between a 32HH/34H. I got all the bras in a 32J. Cup size was good but back was a smidge tight. I might do a 34 next time but worry it will loosen too fast. (Often a problem with some other brands.) I would recommend doing your normal back size and up one cup size.

  2. I wear a 32GG in Freya Deco (32H in Panache), and while the deco isn’t perfect for my full on bottom shape (I end up with some empty space at the top of the cup), it is the most comfortable bra I own, and looks great under clothing. I bought the Parfait Honey in a 34G, which was the biggest size without the band being huge. The band size is fine, and the cups are ok. They are a tiny bit small, and when I move around a lot, I do get some double boob, but it is still perfectly wearable. I would have got a 34GG if it was available, but make do with the G fine. However, the Isabella 34G was unwearable small, which I think is due to the style (balconette not plunge) so it would depend on what style you usually wear. Good luck, if you can find your Parfait size they are the most beautiful and comfortable bras I own! xx

    1. Hmm, my 30G Deco is just barely big enough. I think the 30GG would be a little too big, though. I wonder if I should get Parfait bras in a 32G (I’d probably have to take in the band)… maybe I’ll order it in both sizes and sell the one that doesn’t work. I’m waiting until they show up on zulily again. :)

  3. How disappointing to hear Freya’s response! I spoke to a bra store staff person yesterday who told me that she thought Wacoal’s acquisition of Eveden would result in higher quality. Let’s just hope the response you received wasn’t a result of that acquisition. I think it’s strange that defective products are left for the retail stores to sort out. I have a faulty Chantelle Rive Gauche and mentioned it to a Chantelle rep I know, but she also said it was up to the store I purchased it from to take it back.

    1. In my experience, they want you to return it through the retailer (probably to keep track of things), but they usually do something if the retailer refuses the returns. I guess it differs company to company.

  4. Hey dear, I have a NWT 30G Casey and NWT 32G Anna, both won in a Facebook contest. I cannot wear them, they are both too small. The measurements for the Casey are on Bratabase, the Anna is not yet. If you’d like to try either one, just shoot me an email. I’d love to see them go to someone that could wear them (and if it turns out they don’t fit you, I’d love for you to pass them on to someone else to try). Just let me know. :)

  5. I now have the Parfait Jeanie in 32G and it is just a smidgen too small- perhaps I should list it, as I wore it only once? I wear a 30GG in the Deco, and a 32G in most Panache. The shape is slightly so different, and since Parfait only goes up to G, I’m pretty out of luck. The 32 is a firm band.

    I also tend to not like the shape most Freya bras give me- the padded half-cups are okay but the bands also run loose on them in my experience. The cut-sew bras make me look sad and pointy. That said, the swimsuits do tend to do better- I wonder what the difference is!

  6. I have also heard of bad customer service coming from Elomi. But from Fantasie I’ve always had good feedback- in fact a Fantasie rep read my blog and left a comment that was positive and said she would mention extending the size range to those in charge of that.

    Since you did get a rude, snippy response, I recommend contacting them another way, bypassing that one rude individual. Phone, facebook, something like that.

    Panache customer service has always been nice to me, but there are very few Panache bras that fit me.

    Parfait bras look pretty to me, but as they only go up to G, I am not even looking at them anymore.

  7. The fit in the Parfait Casey is really similar to the Deco, if you go a size up in the band and down in the cup. I own the Deco in a 28F and the Casey in a 30E. Unstretched, the bands are the exact same length. I find the cups in the Casey are a bit rounder and slightly stretchy, the plunge is lower though, so it doesn’t offer any separation (which isn’t really an issue for me, my breasts are very close together anyway.) My breasts have grown a bit recently, and I very obviously need to go up a cup size in the Deco, but since the cups stretch a bit and all the excess volume is transferred to the center of the bra instead of the top of the cup I can still wear the Casey.

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